Sisters, One a Quad Amputee, Dance Together

Documentary "Soar" tells the story of Uriah and Kiera Brinkley.
3:23 | 05/29/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sisters, One a Quad Amputee, Dance Together
Dance is my escape and my. My home away from home. My sister being dancing is -- what made me want to be dancing here. And -- Okay. Okay. -- Well announced two years old I caught a bacterial infection caused -- -- -- -- So excited me your blood streams and half and -- is your body to shine and after multiple doctor visits and certain things not being -- -- post be it led to. Logically amputations and when I got out of the hospital. I was never. Type of quote unquote disabled person to stay in my -- the entire day in. -- -- week on me I want -- to go out and do everything that I learned how to do. With my arms links and adapt to how to do them without them. My sister was -- learned from and a half before I got sick. She grew up with me the way that I am now also her crawling was. Like me excluding a man but instead of on all -- Franken -- -- would do and then she -- grew up. Knowing how to help me and -- tell me and win. To push me away because she knew I could do by myself she was just like my mom and they don't he gave me sympathy -- they make me work. For what I want to do. Later that summer had a chance to -- Karen you're right. -- -- -- -- That's when I saw. In the power. Yeah. Expressive. Quality if they're dancing machine. They -- tentative. -- -- -- -- And it's been really it's been really interstate I think that the -- We've seen each other in different lights just because we don't normally take -- get there. We've never been that it must get actually. It's frustrating to -- that he had I can -- into the comfortable it -- she's not giving it -- -- because she doesn't it. She does know that he killed being -- she doesn't think the teacher -- -- dancers. It's frustrating because I know what she can do it I -- that -- -- this and do it when she's not being definitive about it. I get kind of I better get on -- would have been.

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{"duration":"3:23","description":"Documentary \"Soar\" tells the story of Uriah and Kiera Brinkley.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23915724","title":"Sisters, One a Quad Amputee, Dance Together","url":"/GMA/video/sisters-quad-amputee-dance-23915724"}