Secrets to Youthful Skin Found at Your Local Drugstore

Allure's Linda Wells reveals ways around expensive beauty products to maintain a youthful glow.
4:49 | 03/18/13

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Transcript for Secrets to Youthful Skin Found at Your Local Drugstore
editors tells us how the tackle it. Fyi, I am not transitioning. I'm happening. Look at you. You have been yanked and stitched and sucked and pulled. You're a turkey. Reporter: To find out what americans real think about aging, "allure" magazine surv surveyed 2,000 women and men in the u.S. Who is more concerned about aging? By far, women. 78% of them feel there's more pressure to look young today than ten years ago. Men agree that women have much more pressure to look young. Reporter: But men don't feel the pressure. 66% of them are not worried about looking older. What are the concerns women have? Sagging skin, wrinkles, grey hair. Reporter: Women with gray hair are considered old, while men are distinguished. Think george clooney. How do we hold the youthful looks as long as possible? What products should we be looking for. A sunscreen, a retinol, an antioxidant. And a b.B. Cream. The great one is garnier skin renew. It's got a little bit of silicone. It goes on the skin smooutly. Reporter: Now an antioxidant? Olay regenerist. Reporter: A receipt knoll cream? You have a recommendation? This one, the roc retinol correction. It deals with dark spots, makes your skin brighter. Reporter: If we are getting older, the survey found some perks. The majority of people believes that sex gets better as you get older. Reporter: Did they say it was exponentially better or just better? Nobody measured the degree of better. Reporter: Better is good. Every product has been rigorously tested before they put their stamp of approval on it. Good to know. Now we're joined by carmindy of tlc's what not to wear. We love a good game here on "gma." Some of the truths or not so much. Will you put us to the tests? Absolutely. Test your beauty iq. Number one, to erase dark circles, apply con cereal before or after foundation. I say afte fact or fiction. I say -- fact. It's a fact. Yes, yes. If you use foundation and then put con cereal on, it lasts longer and bounces light under the eyes. Number two, filling in eyebrows with a pencil make youear more youthful. Fiction. If I don't do it, I look like an egg. Can I go halfway? It depends. I think they're important. Survey says, fact. Filling in eyebrows with pencil make you look for youthful. I want to challenge that. Next one, as you age, use only matte makeup. Shimmer makeup will accentuate wrinkles. Eye shadow, yes. But here, that j. Lo glow. I'm going like this. A little back and forth. No, no, no, you can't waffle. We've got fiction. You can use -- the new particles are refined. Any age can use shimmer. Okay. One more? As you age, you should start wearing waterproof formulas. Fact. I say fiction. Fact, fact? It's a fact. Why? Why? Our skin tends to lose a littleelasticity. Sometimes makeup moves under our eyes. Who won? Actually, formulas that are gel and filled with antioxidants are important. Paula needs to know, did she win? Yes, you won. I think it was a tie. I like a good tie. Girl power. For more of the top makeup myths and tips to look younger, gam gma.Com on yahoo!. It's so amazing that none of

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{"id":18754445,"title":"Secrets to Youthful Skin Found at Your Local Drugstore","duration":"4:49","description":"Allure's Linda Wells reveals ways around expensive beauty products to maintain a youthful glow.","url":"/GMA/video/skin-beauty-tips-inexpensive-secrets-youthful-skin-found-18754445","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}