What Is the Slackers Guide to Losing Weight?

Sara Haines takes a look at Health.com's easy to tips to lose weight with minimal effort.
2:55 | 06/13/14

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Transcript for What Is the Slackers Guide to Losing Weight?
Next, secrets to your best body ever. And no worries if you're a little lazy to getting to the gym and cook the right foods. Sara Haines is here with the slacker's guide to losing weight without trying. Sara, what does this mean? Somebody said slacker. So, I'm here. So many secrets to losing weight, like cooking your own meals, rather than eating out. Counting calories. And don't forget about the gym. There may be an easier way to drop those lbs. Getting that perfect summer body is hard work. Especially since my couch is so comfy. But health.com got me thinking with their slacker's guide to loading weight without trying. Easy tips to lose weight, with minimal effort. Let's do it. First up, breakfast. Skip the eggs and bacon. Grab some yogurt or cottage cheese instead. They're easy no-cook meals that give your body calcium and 20 grams of protein. Which according to a new study, will make you feel fuller longer and eat less for other meals. Protein helps to preserve lean muscle mass. And the more muscle we have, the mast faster our metabolism. Put the good that's better for you, closer. When it comes to eating the veggies, try a quick dab, instead of drowning your food in dips. Next, say no to diet soda. And yes to more water. Research at the university of Texas at Austin that followed 474 people for a decade, found that the people who drank diet soda tended to have larger waists. Because artificial sweeteners are so sweet, they're hundreds of times sweeter than regular sugar, this can promote a feeling of cravings for sweet foods, as well. Reporter: Next up, video games. Playing video games distracts cravings. It triggers the same area of the brain. Reporter: Saying no to sugary doughnuts and yes to a little candy crush on your phone. When it comes to alcohol and desserts, choose one, never both. And last, relax. According to a study from the university of California at San Francisco, a low-stress lifestyle means less stress eating, which can keep belly fat away. There's a bunch of tips. One of them is save your salad until second, so you don't get seconds on the real food. And let your body catch up with your mind. Another tip, always keep the good food for you closer. Like this table's going to stop me from the doughnuts. It's not going to happen. But that's the tip. All in your brain. How is that working for you, Sara? Delicious. It didn't stop Lara from the cookies.

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{"id":24121971,"title":"What Is the Slackers Guide to Losing Weight?","duration":"2:55","description":"Sara Haines takes a look at Health.com's easy to tips to lose weight with minimal effort.","url":"/GMA/video/slackers-guide-losing-weight-24121971","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}