A Small Town Shattered: How Could It Happen Here?

Small Town Shattered: How Could It Happen Here?
2:06 | 12/15/12

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Transcript for A Small Town Shattered: How Could It Happen Here?
And, dan, you drive up here. It's the definition of rural connecticut. We ask this question. How could it happen in a place like this? Every time we rush in to cover the aftermath of one of these mass shootings, we hear people saying, how could it happen to us? And ever has that question rung so true as here. Newtown is a classic, small, sleepy new england hamlet. Home to fewer than 30,000 people, 60 miles north of new york city. Founded in 1705, it played a role in the revolutionary war and the underground railroad. This is the place where the game scrabble was invented, where the town's symbol is a rooster. Where people move for safety and schools. People come to newtown for the schools. The husbands will sacrifice the commute just to come to newtown because it's a little bit farther than anywhere else. Reporter: This beautiful, bucolic spot is a strange, surreal backdrop for tactical teams in full body armor, with long guns drawn. Really? Here in newtown? This small town. You read about this everywhere else but here. And it's heart wrenching for the children. For the parents and grandparents and everybody. Reporter: It feels like a dream and a bad dream. It's a nightmare. Reporter: As reality sinks in here, the feeling of one folocal describes as magical insulation, has been shattered. They keep saying on the tv, newtown's such a nice town. It doesn't matter. Nice town, not a nice town. It could happen anywhere. On a personal note, used to come here as a child. We had family here. And I remember vividly playing in the quiet cul-de-sacs with the other little kids. This really brings home quite powerfully that it can happen anywhere. And a town this small, every, single person touched.

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{"id":17983564,"title":"A Small Town Shattered: How Could It Happen Here?","duration":"2:06","description":"Small Town Shattered: How Could It Happen Here?","url":"/GMA/video/small-town-shattered-happen-17983564","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}