Smart Suitcase Can Be Weighed, Located

The A22 Carry by Raden can weigh itself and allows you to locate it on your smartphone, plus Reddit users are sharing their secret solo habits online.
10:16 | 01/04/17

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Great to have you all with us. Amy, you're going kick things off? We all finished up a busy holiday season. Visiting family. Going on vacation. We have something that will transform potentially your next vacation. Your next away. You'll be carried away. There's a smart suitcase with a 4,000-person wait list for this bag. Okay? I'm going to locate the bag here on my phone. This is one of the many features right here. And -- You can follow it? It says it's on the way to the studio. No more losing the luggage. I'm walking over to it right now because it's so cool. All sorts of features. This is the bag. I saw it here on my smartphone. It also can charge. It has a USB port. It can charge your phone four fims on the back of your suitcase. It's got 360-degree technology as well. You might buy things when you're traveling. Your luggage suddenly weighs a ton. Instead of having to wait to get on the scale and pi the money, by lifting up this, it's a scale. It tell you how much it weighs. I'm not sure how it works. It does work. It's incredible you can figure out how much your bag weighs just by holding it. You get to 50 pounds, you can do it before you get to the scale. You can weigh it. Locate it. Charge your phone. Can you ride it? Does it have a motor? No. But maybe that's next. You can see why people are waiting for this. Is it a fortune? I think it's $30 0. Make that wait list 4,001. Would you be up for that? For $300? Is that worth it to you? As long as it fits in the overhead. It looks like it does, though. It's compact. 4,000. In the control room, they said the wait list is moving quick. You'll get it in March. So -- it's moving along. In time for summer vacation. You sold it pretty well. All right, thank you. Question for everyone out here. How many of you do things at home alone that you would refuse to do in public. Wait, nobody is admitting to it? They're with me. This is -- this thing is taking off. It has a name. Thanks to an episode of "Sex and the city." My secret single behavior. I like to make a stack of saltines. I like to put grape jelly on them. I eat them standing up in the kitchen. Why standing up? It's weird. It feels great. I like to put vaseline on my hands and put them in conditions gloves while watching infomercials. So funny because I'm not kidding, yesterday, I had an hour to myself. I got on my bed. Made a sandwich. I had bag of fritos and I watched "Black mirror." So FX ritos are in the sandwich? Yes. I like to nap when the sheets haven't been put on. You know what I'm saying. On the raw mattress? I don't know. My husband thinks it's so weird. If eye washing the sheets. It'sty favorite. With no covers? No, like no pillow cases. Do you have a secret behavior you would like to share? That I would like to share? Absolutely not. Wow. How about you, Lara? I read poetry. No. No, I -- I can read you some we found online. How about that? I thought this one was interesting. Someone said they like to walk up the stairs on all fours. Why? Which one of you did it? As long as it's not backwards. That's supercreepy. I make sound effects for everything. I make a whoosh sound when I go up the stairs. How about a the guy that says, I win imaginary arguments. Totally do, sir. Will was saying he talks to the cat. Full-on conversations. I talk to my dog. I do. They all have a distinct voices. What's weird about that? I'm just not going to tell you they're individual voices. I have an idea. Let's switch subjects. We're going bring to the table someone you all know from house of cards and the hunger games. Golden globe nominee is in one of the best movies of the year, "Moonlight." Please welcome mahershala Ali. ??? Good to see you. Welcome back. So happy to see you again. You're having a -- quite a year. I hear some very exciting personal news. Yeah. You and your wife are expecting a byby, congratulations. Yes. Congratulations. Yeah, so um, I'm ready to be real tired. Yeah. Well done. We're excited. There's a lot of celebrating going on because you're up for a golden globe for "Moonlight." And you just won a critic's choice for the role as well. You said when you were filming it you knew it was something special. Oh, yeah. From the first time I read the script. The first time I read it, I think everyone involved will tell you they got choked up and just really connected to the story. It's connecting with audiences, too. It's a special -- Why do you think audiences have embraced it? I think a lot of people feel like they're on the fringes right now. A little bit outside and away from center. Not necessarily represented. And in the most truthful or most connected way. And so I think even though there's -- there's very few people I think in general that can specifically connect to his experience, think in some way, all of us have been the other. The person on the outside. Maybe not persecuted to the degree in which this young man is. But I think we all want to be loved and embraced and need connection and support. And family. And mentorship. And so, I think people are seeing that and recognizing the humanity in every individual. And in fact, we have a clip. Let's take a look at it. Nobody. I found him yesterday. Found him in a hole on 15th. Yeah, that one. Some boys chased him. He's scared more than anything. Wouldn't tell me where he lived until this morning. It's a long way from "House of cards." It is. Um, and -- and, but just -- just as important and if not more to my heart. Like I really felt connected to the character. I was working on "House of cards" and doing this. And I really missed this character. I would go away, back to Baltimore. Or Brooklyn. And Harlem, where we were shooting. And I just kept thinking about Juan and really missing that character. Kind of -- missing him during the process of shooting it. And then kind of mourning him later. And because of this -- you know, sort of awards tour thing, U.S. Getting to share the film so much with people. He's back with you. He's back with me. So I get to think about him. Is that something new, missing a character? To this degree, yes. And used to -- usually when you find yourself connected to a character. As an actor, you're kind of embodying another spirit for a period of time. So you have to let it go. Kind of mourn them and shed them over time. This has brought it all back. It's with me in a different way because I'm just not accustomed to this type of prolonged sort of experience with the character and something being received to this degree. Can I just say I saw "Hidden figures." Mahershala is in that as well. Oh, you did? You have been on fire. It's such an incredible, powerful movie. You to ever miss your first character? Playing basketball. You went to college on a basketball scholarship. We have a picture of you. Oh, no. Oh, wow. Where did you go? That's high school, actually. Because the short shorts era. Whoo! That is the early '90s right there. Yes. That's mt. Eden high school in Hayward, California. I went to St. Mary's college. Played basketball on scholarship. I don't know if I miss it, per se, but I learned a lot it informs me to this day and really -- it really remind mes to take personal responsibility in terms of my experience. And really just -- encourages me to just do the work. I have always played on teams. So "Moonlight" for instance, and "Hidden figures." They're wonderful ensembles. It reminds me to do my job and my personal best for the good of the team. When you get the ball, take it to the hoop. If not, pass it.

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{"duration":"10:16","description":"The A22 Carry by Raden can weigh itself and allows you to locate it on your smartphone, plus Reddit users are sharing their secret solo habits online.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44537293","title":"Smart Suitcase Can Be Weighed, Located","url":"/GMA/video/smart-suitcase-weighed-located-44537293"}