Snapchat Lens Helps Fans Enter the World of 'Star Wars'

ABC News' Diane Macedo reports the buzziest stories of the day in "GMA" Pop News.
3:01 | 12/11/16

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Transcript for Snapchat Lens Helps Fans Enter the World of 'Star Wars'
Now Bob is Diane the sale what I'm. We're not with an exclusive revealed for you. I knew that that land is available right now putting you in the world of Star Wars with a 360. Degree experience. I found the plans for the death star. Let valiant. Not exactly where we're arguing with you I happen. 4 in the morning I think I was delirious have weighed aren't covered this. So I'm standing right. Just beside riddle Buteau but it's around here what looks like storm troopers. Only every time you raise your driver of the goggles bonds every time I would see my reflection I would start laughing at him. Hello I'm the plant that gives you a new identity and takes away your dignity. Pretty much yes that's clutching that they didn't snap that snapped I think landing at age eight but these things on you in real time as yours that that is that this gives them. Sort of it Star Wars experience and that we had a great time that highly recommend. They're Knight running are well another that the cargo plane that morning as well. First Lady Michelle Obama is promoting you're giving this holiday season with the help. At some Disney Channel start Nikola. Hate I. Right way to make your holiday him even more special special in this moment right now. Well you can donate a new unwrapped toy to Toys for Tots and help make amazing holiday memories for kids across the country. Even better than a White House felt the kidney dot com slash B inspired to learn more about Toys for Tots and how to share the joy. The fact is part of Disney's share of the joint campaign and the fifth start also joined the personally and distributing placed him carry them. I felt that it was a day that they will never. Betty and and it's most wonderful ever and apparently. Allegedly right so the thought allegedly left Rhonda likeness on well look I don't I don't enter the amount you might. And company run that they didn't monitored break the posts and status is on basement in point today. December 11 as the most popular day to get them all. The Ares I that people want to avoid having to pay for holiday. All of a hard. This of that event and maybe they're not saying awkward at least deduct well I guess I'm in Finland but holiday stress is the real thing that knowledge if it's limiting factor. But dumping members then go back down on Christmas Day. I hope so again. I was right now remake creep up again I'm blaming rapist and I think this would rather weather related it has led to do it whether but I guess Thursday might get to you is I'm not going to break up with you wouldn't expect Chris the next day but that's okay and I have a reprieve until. We breaking up but I didn't like rental capital into doubt that the color of breaking up votes anything I've parting of the we tell our own thing but George will be here soon with their would this week and we'll be back next weekend nick joining us.

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{"id":44122137,"title":"Snapchat Lens Helps Fans Enter the World of 'Star Wars'","duration":"3:01","description":"ABC News' Diane Macedo reports the buzziest stories of the day in \"GMA\" Pop News.","url":"/GMA/video/snapchat-lens-helps-fans-enter-world-star-wars-44122137","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}