Snowden's Russia Mystery Growing

NSA Leaker Not on Another Flight to Cuba as Russia Fires Back at US.
4:02 | 06/25/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Snowden's Russia Mystery Growing
Let's get to the latest on edward snowden. Where is he now? Where is he going? The u.S., Russia and china, fighting over him right now, all of the world's biggest powers. And brian ross starts us off. Good morning, brian. Reporter: Good morning, george. Snowden has triggered a war of words between the u.S. And russia, reminiscent of the cold war, as the u.S. Pushes hard to get the fugitive back to the u.S. Once again, snowden was a no-show on the flight to havana. Abc's kirit radia is at the moscow airport this morning. There's been no sign of snowden again today. If he does manage to sneak out of the airport, he doesn't have a russian visa. That way he can't leave the airport. Reporter: The russian foreign minister angry responded to u.S. Demands for his extradition. He said that u.S. Allegations that it was hiding snowden were ungrounded and unacceptable. But he refused to say where snowden was. On monday, the white house press secretary minced no words, demanding that russia stop the american fugitive and send him back to the u.S. We expect the russian authorities to examine all the options available to them to expel mr. Snowden appropriately. Reporter: It's a real-life version of where's waldo. The nsa and cia contract employ fleeing to hong kong a month ago, then russia this weekend. I feel like every country's going, hot potato. He's not ours. Reporter: After his unexplain no-show for monday's flight to havana, leaving the seat empty, snowden has disappeared somewhere inside the moscow airport. American authorities believe that russian intelligence agents were helping him hide and giving him v.I.P. Treatment. They might like to have him go to sleep while they get to play with his computers that he's brought along with him. Maybe they'd like to make him an offer. Reporter: Denies he would give another country valuable u.S. Secrets. But secretary of state john kerry said monday, people may die as a consequence of what this man did. And snowden has made it clear it was his intention all along to do as much damage to u.S. Intelligence agencies as possible. Telling the south china morning post, he specifically took the job through contractor booz allen at the nsa in hawaii, to get access to the nsa's activities around the world. He spoke to glenn greenwald, saying more information is about to come out. Let's get more on the fallout from abc's jon karl at the white house. We heard the russian foreign minister say, they're not hiding snowden. Does the u.S. Know where he is? Reporter: The u.S. Believes he is still in russia. And all the effort here, george, is on the russians. Putting pressure on them to turn him over to expel him and turn him over to u.S. Authorities. Any response to those pretty harsh words from lavrov, saying the u.S. Demands were ungrounded and unacceptable. Reporter: No direct response yet. Except white house officials saying they're not ausing the russians of being explicit with snowden's crimes. They're saying they're simply trying to get russia to do the right thing, which is to expel somebody who is wanted for a felony. They're making this case directly at all levels, george. Even fbi director robert mueller has had multiple conversations with his russian counterpart over the last 24 hours. Jay carney at the white house, did seem to suggest that china was complicit in getting snowden out of hong kong. Reporter: He sure did, george. This was some of the harshest language I've heard toward the chinese in many years. Certainly the harshest from the obama administration. Basically accusing china of lying by saying they had nothing to do with hong kong's decision allowing him to move out. And saying the move had caused damage to u.S./Chinese relations. That's the message to russia, as well. If snowden is allowed to leave, if he's not turned over to the u.S., This is something that will be seen as doing severe damage to u.S./Russian relations. Okay. Jon karl, thanks very much.

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{"id":19480519,"title":"Snowden's Russia Mystery Growing","duration":"4:02","description":"NSA Leaker Not on Another Flight to Cuba as Russia Fires Back at US.","url":"/GMA/video/snowdens-russia-mystery-grows-19480519","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}