Sofia Vergara Plays Fun Word Association Game 'Say It Ain't Sofia!'

The star of ABC's hit show "Modern Family" pops into "GMA Pop News" for the lively trivia game.
3:39 | 09/23/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sofia Vergara Plays Fun Word Association Game 'Say It Ain't Sofia!'
ladies is now popping into "Pop news." Sofia Vergara is here! Sofia. Mwah. Talking coffee. We're talking perfume. I did notice you smell glishs. Delicious. The name of the perfume is love. Yes. Because you're in love. I'm in love. How would you describe this scent? It's a combination of many things. It has vanilla bean because perfumes were down -- and at the end of the night you have -- so I built in at the beginning like very fruity fresh, innocent but then by the end it's muskie and sexy. As the night unfolds, it's how the night unfolds like that. How is your beautiful lovely fiance, Joe Manganiello. He is great. He is here with me in New York. I have to leave early this morning so it was hard. Oh. And well, of course, tell him we said hello. I started my day with delicious coffee. You're in the coffee business now. Yes, very excited. Yes, yes. You have to try it. This is -- it's call the ninja. It's the ninja coffee bar. That's what we saw outside. You can do everything that you can, you know, buy at a coffee bar but you can do it in your own house. Love it. It's like it's proven it works. It's amazing. I'm Colombian so I know. The woman knows her coffee beans. I knew what I was doing. We'll talk a little later in the show, big night tonight. Yee. "Modern family" is back, everybody. Whoo! Oh, my. Yes. You're going to love the first episode. Oh, good. Right now heapfully you guys will love this. Sofia has agreed to play a game turning the tables on us calling say it ain't Sofia. Secret words and we have to guess them. They gave this to me. Words associated with Sofia. Okay. And clues from her, we guess. All right. Let's go. Go over there so you don't see here. Let's go ahead and talk about east where it's not so gorgeous. That is exactly what we have to bring you. Right there, coastal north Carolina and South Carolina, that thing is going to sit out there and just kind of move big word, prediction center putting out what you see there, that red two to three inches THR the next few days. And philly but something we will note and check in on a little staying warm in the plain morning. 57 degrees in Boston. Patcsunshine all day long. Temperatures hold in the upper 60's. Jump into the mid to upper 70's I win. Hottest man in the world. Joe Manganiello. No, but -- he is what my -- He's your fiance. Yes. Okay. The thing that I'm not going to be able to have much after my wedding -- Booze. No. After your wedding? After your wedding. Oh, no, well I hope -- I'll have to go back to work. Wedding cake. Honeymoon. Honeymoon. Oh. Mini-moon. I smell today with my -- Perfume. Okay. I don't know what to say this. Very sexy show -- "Modern family." No, that's not a sexy show.

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{"duration":"3:39","description":"The star of ABC's hit show \"Modern Family\" pops into \"GMA Pop News\" for the lively trivia game.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33975890","title":"Sofia Vergara Plays Fun Word Association Game 'Say It Ain't Sofia!'","url":"/GMA/video/sofia-vergara-plays-fun-word-association-game-sofia-33975890"}