Marine Surprises Sister at Graduation

Staff Sgt. Michael Burkhart presented his sister Kacy Watson with her diploma.
1:26 | 06/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Marine Surprises Sister at Graduation
Josh you have I admit -- -- College graduation season and that's got to tell me I graduate in two days ago congratulations. Until this. -- -- get a graduate like twenty or I -- Clinton. Yeah -- look the part if Bob Casey Watson. Very special surprise. We've ordered a special diplomas review -- got some special help having it delivered. Ladies and gentlemen welcome -- Watson's brother staff Sargent Michael -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Keep on coming back coverage and Marlene -- Reza rolling out of all he can pick -- -- -- it's all different for the Marine Corps and for the navy and I mean it. This is a big deal what you when you look at the medals and you look at the strikes and after that the bars on the -- -- -- That's something yeah. I don't know will tell you everything but look at the chest full of metals like I was doing this job and you don't have any news isn't -- -- in Afghanistan again we. Handed over security of the country to. The Afghans officially yesterday these are now. We can only cope gonna happen with far greater frequency as we look at the year everybody and out and and the drugs -- -- down so again. An amazing graduation present here thank Zain thank you all for your service great -- we can never -- enough.

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{"id":19437098,"title":"Marine Surprises Sister at Graduation ","duration":"1:26","description":"Staff Sgt. Michael Burkhart presented his sister Kacy Watson with her diploma.","url":"/GMA/video/soldier-surprise-video-us-marine-staff-sgt-michael-19437098","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}