Soldier Surprises Wife, Young Son at Rose Bowl Parade

Miriam Pazz and her son, Eric, 4, are shocked to see Eric Pazz riding on a float.
2:06 | 01/02/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Soldier Surprises Wife, Young Son at Rose Bowl Parade
Returning to josh. Much happier story. You brought this back from the rose parade. This got us all. A soldier home from afghanistan, brought yesterday's parade to a halt with a surprise reunion that had the crowd standing as one and cheering. And his young, little guy, smiling from ear-to-ear. It was the reunion that warmed the hearts of millions during this year's rose parade. A secret kept from just two people, miriam and her little boy, 4-year-old eric. She thought they had won a trip to california and tickets to the parade. But they were about to get something far more precious. What did you have to do to win? My husband entered his name, I guess. I got a call letting me know that we won. He is a soldier stationed in afghanistan. He's in afghanistan right now. Reporter: That's what she thought. Meanwhile, her husband, army sergeant eric pazz, was hidden on this float. That's when it happened. Little eric recognizing his dad. And no one's arms could hold him. The crowd stood as one to watch, as pazz hugged his family, sweeping up his son andanding his wife a rose. A really great experience. The first thing I thought, oh, my lord, I hope she's not going to slap me. And seeing our son's face, how he reacted. You know, really caught up in the moment. Reporter: A warm embrace. A precious memory. The ultimate new year's day surprise for a family reunited after seven long months apart. I can tell you, abc, we were in on it. And keeping the secret from her was quite a challenge, I must admit. And it does, again, allow us all to thank, not just the servicemen and women who are sacrificuch for us. But military families, as well. Especially this time of year. It was great to watch. That little boy's smile's not going anywhere. No way.

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{"id":18112127,"title":"Soldier Surprises Wife, Young Son at Rose Bowl Parade","duration":"2:06","description":"Miriam Pazz and her son, Eric, 4, are shocked to see Eric Pazz riding on a float.","url":"/GMA/video/soldier-surprises-wife-young-son-rose-bowl-parade-18112127","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}