Soup Club Cookbook Helps Busy Parents Get Dinner on the Table

Once a month, each person in the club is responsible for cooking and delivering dinner for "soup night."
3:17 | 03/18/15

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Transcript for Soup Club Cookbook Helps Busy Parents Get Dinner on the Table
We're back now with the whole new wave to solve the daily dilemma of dinner for moms trying to help get homemade food on the table sharing their secrets in "The soup club cookbook." Paula Faris sat down to talk to them about it. ? Reporter: Meet the soup club. Four moms juggling ten kids and very busy schedules. One of the things we always would talk about on the playground when they were little was the daily chore of getting everybody fed. Breakfast, lunch, dinner every day. They eat every single day. Yes. Yeah. Regularly and we wanted to be eating well. We wanted to help each other out and we wanted to also stay connected and so food is the answer to all that and we started soup club. Reporter: The first rule, commitment. Once a month each of the women is responsible for soup night hamming the shopping, cooking and delivery. So if it's your day typically are you spending all day preparing the soup? There are ingredients you can prep the day before so that when you're actually cooking you're just assembling. I don't have all day so I prep in stages. Tend to make tock on the weekends. I do prep in the evenings and so I cook late at night. Reporter: Now most families would think, oh, let's do a ca cassero casserole. Why soup? It scales up. It travels well and I think it's a little bit easier than a casserole. You're cooking for 18. Is it cost effective? Oh, soup is so cost effective. Reporter: So what happens if one of you makes the soup and it's not good. Do you tell that person. Well, it's just soup, right. So it's happened. It's totally happened something turned out maybe not ideally. Reporter: But practice makes perfect and the ladies are sharing their soup simmering know-how with the coupe coupe. Knowing how long a big pot of soup takes to simmer. You can take a shower while it's coming to a simmer. That's news you can use. Important if you're a mom. Reporter: And now the soup sensation is catching on. Fans starting their own soup clubs across the country so I'm about to jump out of the frying pan and into the stock pot. Making a moulee-inspired chili. We add the chicken broth. Crushed canned tomatoes and espresso powder. I like where this recipe is going. You're adding in 2 1/2 pounds of ground beef you ground already. 30 minutes loosely covered and then it's ready. Bon appetite. Own appetite. To the soup club. Ah. Okay, so I legitimately made this soup in my kitchen. Wow. It's vegetable minestrone. All about sides. Put a little pesto, some parmesan. You made that too. What I love about this, my kids got involved. All about community, feed your family, feed your friends, feed yourself. It's really just people helping people. Very healthy. You don't have to lie. Really good recipe. What's great about the book, it automatically -- you don't have to multiply by four. It makes a large vat for you. Great stuff, Paula, thank you. Have some. Get the earecipes at vanilla

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{"duration":"3:17","description":"Once a month, each person in the club is responsible for cooking and delivering dinner for \"soup night.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"29721463","title":"Soup Club Cookbook Helps Busy Parents Get Dinner on the Table","url":"/GMA/video/soup-club-cookbook-helps-busy-parents-dinner-table-29721463"}