Southeast Faces Fierce Winter Weather

ABC News' Rob Marciano and Adrienne Bankert track the latest weather news from around the country.
3:59 | 01/07/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Southeast Faces Fierce Winter Weather
We want to move to the major storm battering the south and east. Millions are under a winter blast of snow, ice and extremely cold temperatures. Up to a foot of snow is expected in some spots. The advisories and warnings there are up. Adrienne Bankert is in Raleigh, North Carolina, where the snow has been falling for hours but first we want to go to rob Marciano in Atlanta with the latest on this winter storm. Good morning, rob. Good morning, Paula. 20 degrees here in Atlanta and those temperatures are dropping. Most of the precip has moved out but it came in the form of some freezing rain, the roads are very slick even though they pretreated them. A lot of sidewalks are icy and some these trees are just coated in ice and because of that with the wins picking up over 10,000 power outages around Atlanta and expect those numbers to continue to climb and wrecks along the big interstates. Carolinas getting rain, sleet and snow and this is drifting up towards the northeast as well. Winter storm warnings posted an as mentioned as we roll this storm we're going to crank the winds, Virginia Beach, blizzard warning there and through cape cod and see the storm rolling up towards new England as well and they'll get snow. It's falling across Raleigh where we find ABC's Adrienne Bankert this morning. Good morning, Adrienne. Reporter: Good morning, to you too. Yes, snow and a mix with freezing rain with some of the lowest temperatures of the season. We're also concerned about freezing or bursting pipes with windchills expected in the single digits through the weekend. Overnight, millions of Americans in major cities from the southeast to the mid-atlantic getting slammed by a winter storm. A dangerous messy mix of snow, sleet and ice. As soon as you hit the brakes and I slide all over the place. Reporter: Blizzard conditions in Virginia Beach snow blanketing the ocean front. High winds gusting up to 25 miles per hour blowing these palm trees. In Nashville, icy roads leaving students stranded in these school buses for over two hours. Take a look at the snowplow slipping past the kids crashing into cars below. There they go. Oh, my god. Reporter: Major airports feeling the effects. Planes being de-iced. As the storm continues, long lines and empty shelves at grocery stores all across the southeast. Officials warning to take this storm seriously. It continues to appear to become more and more severe. Reporter: And we're here at the capitol building in Raleigh. Big inauguration events scheduled for the newly elected governor here in North Carolina. Some of those events had to be shuffled or even canceled after warnings it was not safe to drive. Rob. All right, Adrienne, the cold air behind this as you mentioned is going to be keeping this snow and ice around for quite a long time. We'll talk more about that next half hour. What's going on out west, my goodness a storm coming in today and tomorrow and we've got winter storm warnings for parts of Portland and Seattle and we're looking to add a foot of rain across parts of California. Yes, they need it but this will cause flooding and mudslides for sure. Kelly Ann: Good Saturday morning. You're heading out right now. We're seeing clouds filling in and ocean enhanced snowfall for the coast. Filling in and becoming heavy, especially between the 3:00 to 9:00 time frame. That pushes off the coast. We dry out for tonight. In general, looking to see that 6 to 10-inch mark from Boston moving southward. But more as you move onto the cape and islands. Seven-day forecast includes temperatures in the mid 2 Any time there is snow and ice in the south it is a surreal feeling but the cold still feels the same. It is uncomfortable to say the least. Paula and Dan, back up to you. All right. We will check in with you a little bit later. Hopefully you've thawed out by then, rob. I appreciate your reporting.

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{"duration":"3:59","description":"ABC News' Rob Marciano and Adrienne Bankert track the latest weather news from around the country.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44618913","title":"Southeast Faces Fierce Winter Weather","url":"/GMA/video/southeast-faces-fierce-winter-weather-44618913"}