Southern BBQ is Not Just For Texans Anymore

From sea to shining sea, more Americans are adopting the southern methods of cooking delicious meats.
2:25 | 07/06/14

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Transcript for Southern BBQ is Not Just For Texans Anymore
Paul is a well-known vegan but for the million of us meat eaters the fourth of July is synonymous with meat eaters. Well, today it's not just a southern thing anymore, seasoning, marinating and slowly smoking meat to perfection has become a huge craze from coast to coast. We could barely -- ? Reporter: We're on the road to heaven. ? it's Texas barbecue and here beef is religion. In Texas alone there are over 1900 joints, a typical day at franklin barbecue in Austin looks something like this. Looking at a four-hour wait. Reporter: Even then you're not guaranteed to taste the cuisine. All part of the foodie experience. Knelt in your moth. Reporter: Barbecue is big nationwide. The Carolinas, Tennessee and now New York. Yes, that's right. East coast barbecue is a top contender against the southern king of meat. Barbecue super fans had he had to Delaney barbecue for the texas-inspired brisket run by Daniel Delaney. We do our best to not innovate at all. Reporter: Why take on what's already considered number one and that's Texas barbecue. Someone has to unthrone the legends. That's how it works. Reporter: As a native texan I had to see for myself. It'll be tough to please me. I grew up on texas-style barbecue. Dan's promised me some good stuff. Good thing for him I'm hungry. Pork ribs, pulled pork and Turkey. Melt in your mouth. Besides the zip code there is not much different from what the greats are doing in Texas and what we try and do every day here. Reporter: Despite their N newfound barbecue fame success is surprisingly simple. No secret. They think it's about a recipe or that it's about a secret rub. It's about none of those things. If you know really how to operate this tool that you're cooking with, you're going to be able to produce really great food. How much do you guys love me this morning? Look at what I brought you. Fantastic. I actually didn't bring this to you. I ordered this. We want to thank pit master Billy for bringing us this delicious food. This Texas food is sold and the thing is you don't need sauce. The sauce is already there.

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{"id":24442636,"title":"Southern BBQ is Not Just For Texans Anymore","duration":"2:25","description":"From sea to shining sea, more Americans are adopting the southern methods of cooking delicious meats.","url":"/GMA/video/southern-bbq-texans-anymore-24442636","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}