Special Olympics Gets Exciting New Theme Song

OAR's Marc Roberge, singer-songwriter Cody Simpson discuss the inspiration behind "Reach Up."
4:01 | 06/15/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Special Olympics Gets Exciting New Theme Song
We're gearing up if for special olympics. Just a few weeks away. And you are watching right now, the musing video for "Reach up." There it is. This is the anthem for this year's world games. It was written by mark Roberge of O.A.R. And performed by Cody Simpson. They had special backup vocalists. Breanna and Madison. We're happy to have each and every one of them with us this morning. I want to start by saying -- woot-woot to you, bre. Two gold medals on the vault and the floor. Congratulations. Thank you. Mark, you changed the words to one of o.a.r.'s songs. Is that correct? It is. Coca-Cola put this together to have a campaign to inspire people the achieve things that neighbor they didn't think they could achieve when they woke up that day. And Cody and I agree that music has that power to inspire and reach up was an easy version of the song to think up and when we got into the studio, it came alive. It's just something that I think can inspire people to achieve great things. It's a revamped version of the song "Two hands up." Yes, it is. Cody, how has it been collaborating with mark? It's unreal. A funny story about how it came together. Mark and I started becoming good mates right before all this happened. We had dinner in New York a couple of months ago. Literally, a couple weeks after, mark came to me with coke and special olympics and, you know, presented the idea. I was so, so psyched about it. I wanted to work with mark and -- you know, to do it for something, you know, as positive and uplifting as this whole thing, it's been unreal. Means a whole lot, right? A whole lot. The gold is blinding me. In the back. Everybody, the gold in vault and floor in Illinois special olympics just on Saturday. Yes. It was Friday was preliminaries and Saturday was the actual thing. The actual thing. That you crushed in. That's great. Congratulations. Thank you. And Madison, you lit you will the internet with your redigs of John legend's song, "All of me." That's a special song. How does it feel to be part of this? I felt awesome. Just being with cool people and just hanging out with nem in the studio space. It was cool just to hang out like that. Yeah, I bet. Did mark give you any tips on singing when you're doing this incredible song that means so much to so many people? Um -- Be yourself. Yeah, to be yourself. Just go for it. Just go for your dream. I love that. And, I understand that you guys are so confident and love singing the song together so much that you're willing to do it right now. You feeling it? You guys ready? One, two, three. ? So even reach up put your handing together don't give up climb forever ? ? all you've got just remember you make me feel like I'm a contender two hands up through the ceiling ? ? the beat of my heart is all that I'm feeling give it all that I got first to the last one ? ? and then I reach up cause I'm a champion ? Yes, you are! I love it. I have chills. Yes, yes. Hey. High five. High five. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Everybody, come on. There we go. You guys can see the special olympics world games starting July 25th on our sister network, ESPN, with the one and only, robin Roberts.

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{"duration":"4:01","description":"OAR's Marc Roberge, singer-songwriter Cody Simpson discuss the inspiration behind \"Reach Up.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"31772112","title":"Special Olympics Gets Exciting New Theme Song","url":"/GMA/video/special-olympics-exciting-theme-song-31772112"}