Spiderman Prepares to Celebrate New Year's in Times Square

Sara Haines hosts a special pop news heat index with a sneak peek to the upcoming Spiderman movie.
3:00 | 12/29/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Spiderman Prepares to Celebrate New Year's in Times Square
we're doing a special edition of "pop news" this morning. We're getting ready for the biggest new year's blowout on the planet, happening in times square and right here on abc. A big part of the midnight madness is the confetti that goes nearby. We're testing it out. A very special pop news. A pop-in spider-man is here. The amazing spider-man 2 and our sara haines is joining us in downtown times square with the latest. Hey, sara. We had him to put him in pop news. I'm here with spider-man and some of his friends. You met mark the director, the MOVIE COMES OUT MAY 2nd. Yes. What can you say about the movie? Spider-man having a blast at being spider-man. He'll have to face off not only the wrath of the big villainous corporation but one of the most size mattic villain lains he's played by jamie foxx who's unbelievably awesome. That battle is going to be his greatest battle as it says on the poster. You know, peter parker -- you were a comic book junkie as a kid. I love comics. So, are you living the dream right now. I am. You're looking young to be a director. Excuse me, sir, you need to step over here we're doing a real interview. You mentioned jamie foxx. We have paul giama 2shtti. I love paul. We got other villains. You're literally in the epicenter of new york city right now. We shot this -- I think this is the biggest film ever shot in new york state. Some of it we shot over there at times square and so, there is a massive, massive action scene that we shot here, it's going to take place in times square. You have to tune in to see it. You have to tune in to see it. MAY 2nd. Is the movie. Okay. Okay, we also have the president of countdown entertainment. You're a big deal making this new year's celebration happen. We're so excited. We're going to see a sneak preview of that clip, we'll get a little bit of that on new year's interview. In case anyone's wondering you're holding a bunch of c confetti in your hands, you have a test on the confetti, today, you're giving us an exclusive look at the testing. Just perfect on new year's eve. A little bit of that right now. Now, you're going to let us do an official countdown. You're going to lead us and mark is going to direct. Oh, my goodness. Go ahead. We're counting down, guys. Rolling. Five, four, three, two, one happy new year! Happy new year! Happy new year. Okay, guys, back to you guys in the studios. Spider-man is a man of few words. The biggest movie shot in new york state, who knew sarah, it looked like you had a lot of fun. We'll be right back, everyone. Smoke? No, I'm good. ♪ ♪ EVERY TIME YOU SAY NO To a cigarette, you celebrate a little win. Nicorette mini delivers fast craving relief in just 3 minutes. Double your chances of quitting with nicorette mini. E ♪

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{"id":21360839,"title":"Spiderman Prepares to Celebrate New Year's in Times Square","duration":"3:00","description":"Sara Haines hosts a special pop news heat index with a sneak peek to the upcoming Spiderman movie.","url":"/GMA/video/spiderman-prepares-celebrate-years-times-square-21360839","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}