Stanley Tucci shares some dad jokes live on 'GMA'

The star of the upcoming "Beauty and the Beast" remake appears live from Times Square.
7:48 | 03/13/17

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Transcript for Stanley Tucci shares some dad jokes live on 'GMA'
Movement like that. That's right. What were you doing? Welcome back to "Gma." We've got a great crowd that's been with us and to make it even better, we have a very, very special guest to bring to the breakfast table. Please welcome "Beauty and the beast's" Stanley Tucci. Hi. How are you? Nice to see you. How are you doing? Good man. Nice to see you. How are you? Mwah. Thank you. Thank you. They love you. Cost me a lot of money. To see this face and you start smiling. My gosh. He makes you smile but he can feed you well too. A great dhef. I cooked for you a couple times. I took my girs to see "Beauty and the beast" and we all loved it. Before we get into that since we have an overload of men, fathers. It's an overload. Do we have dads in the audience? There you go. Okay, do you tend to tell dad jokes? Oh, yeah. Yeah. You know what, that's a good thing. We have two comedians Kevin Fredericks and Tony baker and did their best dad jokes for YouTube. Take a look. What happens when a frog parks illegally. What. It gets toad. What's the first thing the taxi driver said to the wolf? What? Where wolf? How do you find Will Smith in the snow? How. You look for fresh prince. Ah. So do your kids think you're funny, Stanley. No. Sometimes they think I'm funny but I will have a tendency to tell the same jokes over and over again like my father. A lot of them are inappropriate for this setting. But -- We have a five-second delay. Sometimes they think I'm funny but mostly no. There is a study done, the science behind the lab and found when dads tell these puns, it makes you use both sides of your brain, your right side. Lara, you've been teaching us for years here. See. So both sides of your brain have to work together to communicate so these puns are actually making us smarter so I have one for everybody here right now. Okay. Okay. What does a nosy pepper do? What? Get all up in your business. You didn't get it. Jalapeno business. All up in your business. You know, that was like -- You were so close. No part of my brain was working after that. Okaying one more. What is cheese that is not yours? What? Nacho cheese. So you -- It worked on my 12-year-olds, people. You have to have the accent with it. Only works with the accent. I don't have an accent. I do. Nacho. Nacho. I got to do the head. You do that too. Moving on, I'm done. Moving on after my jokes. And rightfully so let's move on to talk about this beautiful new movie that is out. Everyone is raving about. I know. I was just picturing the movie. A brand-new character in a brand-new character. Any pressure to bring in a new -- No, because he's a harpsichord so -- I mean to a certain extent, yeah, you always want it to be good, funny and want it to work and bill called me up and said, Stanley, we have a new character we want to put into "Beauty and the beast" and will you do it. Yes, of course, I would work with you and be in "Beauty and the beast" as long as I don't have to sing. He maid maybe a little. I said, no. I have a nice career and don't want to ruin it after 35 years. In the end you do -- I do sing a line or two, yes. They didn't flee which was amazing. Congratulations on that. Thank you. What does a harpsichord bring to the table? There is a joke in there somewhere. What's a harpgs cord bring to the table? Two chairs. A new character so tell everybody a little about him. He is the -- I guess the maestro of the castle and he and his wife, she's the singer played by Audra McDonald and they're performing at the beginning of the film and once the spell is cast, they are turned into inanimate objects. He becomes a harpsichord and she goings a credenza. Let's take a look. Ooh. Another cavity. Maestro, your wife is upstairs finding it harder and harder to stay awake. She's counting on you to help us break this curse. Then I shall play through the pain. Maestro, play quietly, please. Oh, quietly. Of course. Are there any other tasteless demands you wish to make upon my artistry? No, that's it. I like that. How fun was that? Oh, my god. It was so much fun. We did that stuff obviously do it in the studio that wasn't really me as the harpsichord. Incredible. And but we were together all together for a week, Ewan McGregor and Emma Thompson all together for a week on set. I see Josh gad on Instagram tweeted his pictures. Looks like you had a lot of laughs behind the scenes. It was one of the best weeks of my life. That's saying something because you've been in over 100 flips that we have just adored seeing you in all different types of characters and all different type of the people you're working with. Do you have a favorite set, movie set? You were talking about ha. That was really fun. When we did "The devil wears Prada" that was probably -- as far as like big rather Hollywood movies go, that was pretty great. Got approval right there. You liked that one? How do you keep a straight face. We didn't. Meryl Streep doing Miranda. Actually there is one -- there's one little piece where you can see Emily laughing in the background. Really. Yes. We'll keep an eye out for that. Something else we need to keep an eye out for "Feud." You're in that. How did you get involved with that. I don't know. They called up and said do you want to play jack Warner. He was a horrible person. I said, yes, of course. No, no, no. These two women, you're working with remarkable. Tell everybody about "Feud". The feud between Joan Crawford and Bette Davis and I had no idea it was as vicious as it was but went on for many years and they are incredible. These two. Jessica Lange, Susan sarand sarandon. Judy Davis as hedda hopper. It's already on? It's on? Yay. I have to see it. Ryan Murphy if I and his magical touch. He's incredible. Great fun. Great fun. That's great fun and this is great fun for everybody. Go out and watch "Beauty and the beast."

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{"id":46084138,"title":"Stanley Tucci shares some dad jokes live on 'GMA'","duration":"7:48","description":"The star of the upcoming \"Beauty and the Beast\" remake appears live from Times Square. ","url":"/GMA/video/stanley-tucci-shares-dad-jokes-live-gma-46084138","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}