Bridal Party Attacked By 'Star Wars' AT-AT Walkers

Bride and Groom discuss their viral wedding picture.
2:38 | 06/12/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bridal Party Attacked By 'Star Wars' AT-AT Walkers
You have something -- I do something okay it seems we have a new wedding trend on our hands first there was the -- popular product parties chase through field by T -- your -- not yet. We have yeah I was great in his -- not -- that is -- now. Agreeing that -- know lifesaver. -- -- there's there is some artists ma chasing a -- It is now the light Saber. -- reins so to speak out at like the bar in the light of credit a hall of bridal parties being shipped chase bank group of Star Wars imperial. Eight act. I'm pat Walker's pat next going to have a picture other. There you know yeah there's a library there that day at imperial act out lockers lowly -- con and you're here now -- -- via Skype is less sleep seal -- is not correct less sleep yeah. Siler and Paul Kingston we welcome you guys you guys how did you come up -- this idea we use. -- was that there -- talkers Tony Lombardo who came up with that he is knew that we movie Star Wars fans. And he said I see this photo with a TXI wanna try to -- -- -- -- -- Brittany absolutely. And I wish you say or if you actually see that you Rex photo online and love the idea some -- -- and you did an incredible job and we should say congratulations as this reasons is this like and -- I'm not sure. -- -- -- -- that -- who else. Yeah yeah. 31. -- Okay. And it. Yeah that's right yeah. All right I'm -- the united yeah. He's running in the found out that shows how about didn't know about I. That's what I think it's something you'll cherish but I also really loved your choice of bridesmaids outfits and -- high -- hot pink is so she. Thank you very much I have been in an opponent and me -- So you know I'm sorry I think it's a dichotomy that you love pink and he also loved imperial -- that Walker's. But but I also think. Be prepared. You right there because he took that very special day in he died. Loves view of he's gonna Wear that pink -- love to have you exit -- he -- yet he looks great proposals follow right. I don't know. Eight victory Amanda where -- -- and that I don't look at. You thought well -- thank you for visiting with us on Good Morning America live. They -- adding I got congratulations many many years -- happiness TO.

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{"id":19382295,"title":"Bridal Party Attacked By 'Star Wars' AT-AT Walkers","duration":"2:38","description":"Bride and Groom discuss their viral wedding picture.","url":"/GMA/video/star-wars-wedding-photo-bridal-party-attacked-star-19382295","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}