The Stars Appearing at Country Music Association's Big Night

Get all the inside info on the CMA Music Festival featuring some of the biggest names in the business.
2:40 | 08/03/16

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Transcript for The Stars Appearing at Country Music Association's Big Night
We'll look ahead to tonight's country music festival. All the biggest stars, always great surprise guests and Rachel smith went backstage for the buildup. Good morning. Good morning to you, as well, George. All right, y'all, honest feedback here. This is my annual fan girl moment. I actually got to head back to my home state Tennessee to celebrate all things country at the cma musics if value and even got to hang out behind the scenes with some of country music's biggest stars. Check it out. ? Reporter: It's a dream come true. For country music fans. Thousands descending upon the country music capital. ? to see the biggest stars bring their "A" game. The country fans have that just unbelievable spirit about them, so I always look forward to playing. ? Oh ? I was shaking a little bit. I got some shake left. Chance for country music to shine. It's an opportunity for us to say thank you. Reporter: The cma fest the party isn't just on the stage, let's check it out. It's all over town. There's so much stuff. I think we should do a duet together, just saying. And the fun is bands like old dominion. One, two, three, old dominion and stars like Kelly from lady antebellum. The energy, what are you expecting from this crowd. We did this last year, such a fun crowd always. Reporter: This year first-time host Brett Eldredge. Almost show time. Come in. Guys, seriously, I mean, you guys -- Come on. ? Reporter: And these guys are ready to get the party started. How really have you prepped for this? We toured together. We -- Did rehearsals together. Chicken commercials. Chicken commercials. So you're set. Actually I'm your ride. Oh, you're taking us. You're driving us. All right, here we go. Showtime! Aaag hment! Well, I still can't believe I got to do that but Brett and Thomas have a great show planned tonight. Two gents who have played the largest to smallest stages at the cma music fest and sat in the nosebleed section as fans themselves. Full circle moment. Can't be missed as well as all the performances happening tonight, check it out, George. You can see it, country's night to rock on ABC. Get more behind the scenes by going to on Yahoo!

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{"duration":"2:40","description":"Get all the inside info on the CMA Music Festival featuring some of the biggest names in the business.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"41082776","title":"The Stars Appearing at Country Music Association's Big Night","url":"/GMA/video/stars-appearing-country-music-associations-big-night-41082776"}