Stars of 'Mistresses' Stop by GMA Live!

Ginger Zee sits down with Alyssa Milano and the stars of the hit ABC drama.
6:04 | 06/02/14

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Transcript for Stars of 'Mistresses' Stop by GMA Live!
The stars of mistresses surrounding -- Hinton and desperate cell and Alyssa responded quickly saying while you ladies look. 10106 is -- yeah yeah yeah. This Saturday I have attendants and 500 yeah outlets Indian elections is vary your route that you have fun here so we're just talking have a little Sam my -- dancing robot an elegant and pretend -- got at this morning but it didn't. It was on this morning not reading well. Well let me Haiti -- more. It could be all -- -- it could be. Think we have we'll just leave that -- different -- -- didn't I didn't give him -- I don't play. I wasn't -- that evening so amazing you like. It. And it's really. I'm didn't you guys have been so good about anti taking over the Twitter account Jim good time doing that this morning yeah it's fun yet we have some questions though because against a lot of things. -- -- Let's get -- really -- into figurative -- Letters have on a -- small allotments for its. Leaders is an advocate. I think -- -- I don't understand his Mike Cummings plotting the hundreds of another county everybody can -- -- they've -- yeah it I don't know. Tens of putting her within weeks we want anything yeah we did it is yes -- -- I don't believe. They didn't want America yeah. Yeah. -- like everybody else yeah. And he yeah that's all that tell you look and what's the story with you can't happen. Because that -- you know. They -- and that home out every single. He gives me. That she is blind thing we keep up their -- -- she is on the line then and I say it can't happen. She says can -- and that I think. I can't say well yeah. Because you can literally answer anything that you really today's -- it is okay. Google+ yeah. And they still. Not whether any questions that stumped you. Can't have that. -- it's -- -- the program if it could -- now. You LA and I answered every single one yet he didn't see it ain't -- cons do you find what -- -- And undivided Twitter feed and its name and didn't find any that you just saying I'm not incidentally have ruled not answering that you're always -- You got -- particularly rude. I had Sydney Wellington -- bless yeah. And just to send them what comes. Offer the prayer but it is done and is I have -- This this army of a wonderful support him and they know that when I say be well god bless -- -- -- -- -- Some very appreciative for for that kind of support but let you know that menu button because -- -- -- avenue Twitter there's a new. You knew it -- you don't have to block people you can -- you can you can you do we haven't hurt like. -- Yeah yeah. I am getting married this weekend. Jason do you. Any advice and that's still a crime your -- -- that up from the U. Fat and then your characters for somebody getting married. Well like yeah yeah yeah. Yeah don't do it now that the Donald but had no way to make sure that he doesn't die each. I -- It doesn't make them if he -- make sure he's really did okay and grave. -- -- his body there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't hot air but and a track that's like -- -- Nor does not -- -- doesn't that look forward in jones' does things. Unbelievable ability to abandon -- I I like I'm gonna shopping and continent. Did you know we really take ourselves very Syria -- this -- have a little out of a job. And it's it's still it's ridiculous -- -- is growing she Jim Maloney I didn't get married because you know John gets crazy. -- and it. Your mom and I guess and you can see you can feel he's just and it's -- it's crazy group and US talks about an outside the giggling while your comments -- -- -- -- I have wrinkles from that moment -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- ended there was. -- -- Laughing and I felt pretty good really get a lot of -- -- an -- -- the night -- Every so we work doesn't go far behind yeah lets the camera and again when the crew has. Entirely governmental -- in preparation when we already -- again yeah god please. So do you think you ready quite nice and -- yeah. They were happy about will be a -- -- That's your guy and -- didn't really enjoy and night. It's this and a while I talk to her the winner right hand him. Get her utility -- over -- into -- yeah. Yeah at an eye towards and I'm not pregnant nighttime in his hands and say yeah imagine this thing we've raised doubts definitely we -- hasn't -- much longer I would. I know how do you think I'll see you in Yangon and how much does matter and saying haven't even -- -- I didn't think things. And it's Christmas cards -- and I -- 109 cents.

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{"id":23955848,"title":"Stars of 'Mistresses' Stop by GMA Live!","duration":"6:04","description":"Ginger Zee sits down with Alyssa Milano and the stars of the hit ABC drama.","url":"/GMA/video/stars-mistresses-stop-gma-live-23955848","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}