Stars Speak Out at Women's 'Power Trip' Summit

Gwyneth Paltrow, Tyra Banks and Drew Barrymore share the secrets to their success. share the secrets to their success.
4:04 | 03/24/16

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Transcript for Stars Speak Out at Women's 'Power Trip' Summit
Now to those superstar success secrets, some of the most power Phil women in the world opening up at a conference by "Marie Claire" but how they got to the top and how you can too. You were there for it all. It was cool, robin. Good morning to you. There are a third of businesses around the world that are now owned by a woman. Robin's sister is one of those women who owns one of those businesses but women in leadership roles at the top of the largest institutions are extremely rare so whatever barriers you dream of breaking down or challenges are facing here's practical advice from 200 of the most influential inspiring women in the country. It's a first of its kind event. Good morning, ladies. Reporter: The power trip. 36 jam packed hours organized by "Marie Claire" magazine who offered us seats on board. Good morning, America. Reporter: 100 of the most influential leaders in fashion, business, technology and public policy hopping aboard a jetblue flight from New York City to San Francisco to meet 100 west coast power players and celebrities. Sharing their secrets to success. We need to create spaces and societal norms and institutions where women come together and for lack of a better word network. Reporter: The twist, everyone involved right down to the engineers like crew and piles, a woman. Are there many other women doing this? Maybe 3%. Reporter: Actress turned entrepreneur drew bayrymore, April's cover star sharing her wine and wisdom telling us her secret to creating a business, follow your passion. Whatever it is in life that makes you feel like you just want to leap, leap. But work hard but all the way through the fall. Reporter: Gwyneth paltrow's insider tip, dare to be first. I think that it's challenging to do something that's provocative and, you know, I was in a way first -- first of my peers in the space and to do this so I think I took, you know, a lot of scrapes going through the brush with my machete. Reporter: New mom Tyra banks on maternity leave talking with us about her favorite part of motherhood. I love my baby in my arms and him just gurgling or sleeping and I've got the bottle propped up. Reporter: Her trick to trailblazing, delegate and empower. Whether you're a mom or CEO or sister or wife. Empower, put somebody on the C C cookies and you take the cup cupcakes. I love that. Tyra told me something powerful and said just know that the people that paved the way get all the cuts and scrapes. It's what comes with it, robin. These were great reminders to women about how to empower yourself but also this idea that so many women in these power positions, they felt the failure. They felt the fear. Sure. It makes it feel universal to anyone trying to face their own challenge. You think they have -- they did not -- they were not fearful and all those things but they need to let people know that's the case but there's something because I'm thinking of my sister that you alluded to started a business in our hometown last year. She was a social worker for 30 years and she followed her passion as we heard in the piece and she created this store and she's happy every single day so anyone can do it and she took courses, clock classes to learn. What was it like being with these women. So inspiring and I felt it's hopeful for our future, the businesses these women are building, businesses like your sister are getting out into the community and involving so many people. It's a great thing. I love to see the changes that are happening that are under way and it's great information for so many people out there who have their own dreams. I love how you're beaming about this. You are really excited about it. Thanks, Rebecca. Let's go outside to Jesse.

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{"duration":"4:04","description":"Gwyneth Paltrow, Tyra Banks and Drew Barrymore share the secrets to their success. share the secrets to their success.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"37888058","title":"Stars Speak Out at Women's 'Power Trip' Summit","url":"/GMA/video/stars-speak-womens-power-trip-summit-37888058"}