5 States Declare State of Emergency Ahead of Hurricane Joaquin

Cities up and down the East Coast are preparing for flooding and heavy winds.
2:21 | 10/02/15

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Transcript for 5 States Declare State of Emergency Ahead of Hurricane Joaquin
wounded in the shooting. Three ofhe tm in critical condition fighting for their lives. We are learning more about the victims and the shooter this morning and ABC's Neal Karlinsky is at the hospital in roseburg. Good morning, Neal. Reporter: George, good morning. This is a small community and the sheer scope of this shooting initially overwhelmed them. Seven people fighting for their lives this morning, among them heroes including one very brave army veteran. This morning, 30-year-old Chris Mintz out of surgeryecovering from seven gunshot wounds, enstudt and my Ar vetharged straight gunman save who telling others E H ran library and pulled all the a he was telling people to run, grabbing lepeop telling them, you just have to go and he Auch of the eastern seaboard threatening 50 million Americans wreaking havoc in South Carolina, trees down and this road collapsed because of flooding. One man rescued from the massive opening. This storm front fatal already possibly to blame for at least two deaths in the Carolinas. All of this as Joaquin makes its way up the atlantic. We are dealing with two situations, a major, major severe event ofrainfall. At the same time, having to deal with this potential hurricane. Reporter: Five states already declaring state of emergencies. Now is the time for you to begin to prepare for hunkering down and dealing with the storm. Reporter: Crews working along the shore building barriers on the New Jersey coast and laying sandbags in North Carolina. A hurricane does not have to go directly over your town, doesn't even have to make landfall to have an impact on you especially if you're along the coast. Reporter: Scientists taking to the skies to track Joaquin. Air force hurricane hunters collecting data for the national hurricane center flying directly into the storm calling us as they were gathering that vital information. Each time we go through the storm we're passing through the eye wall, the center of the storm, outside the window it kind of looks like shattered glass. This storm has been intensifying. Reporter: And this coastal storm at this hour is intensifying going to tap some of that tropical moisture from Joaquin so we have inland flood watches. We have weigh got coastal flood warnings not to mention this relentless wind. To say the least, robin, no one in this area of the delmarva, czar beach will rest easy until both of these are well out to sea.

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{"id":34197732,"title":"5 States Declare State of Emergency Ahead of Hurricane Joaquin ","duration":"2:21","description":"Cities up and down the East Coast are preparing for flooding and heavy winds.","url":"/GMA/video/states-declare-state-emergency-ahead-hurricane-joaquin-34197732","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}