Stay-at-Home Moms Are Not Fulfilled, Author Says

Samantha Ettus, author of "The Pie Life," defends her belief that women should stay in the work force to lead a fulfilling life.
4:02 | 09/21/16

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Transcript for Stay-at-Home Moms Are Not Fulfilled, Author Says
How would that big debate Samantha Ennis best selling also stirring it up she's a working mom of three. Story of this debate in his new book highlights after she writes at that's 1% of mothers who do not work outside the home. She says they're making a mistake and cement that's going to be joining us live in a moment but first here's a look at her philosophy. You can send news stay at home are under what is she wearing in bad moms stay at home moms trying to mask dissatisfaction. Hair but it's going I'm very happy. Sand in the new book the highlight best selling author Samantha that edits claims that the misery is real. When it comes the moms who choose to forgo a career and stay home with the kids. Saying a healthy balance of work and personal success is the key to a happy life. You owe it to humanity to work with experience women disappear for the workforce who was left to help the young women behind them. Such a hardware. Another important slice of the pie letting go of the deal that comes as being a working mom headed says. I realize that when I was away from my kids I could be helping my family more by being as productive at work as possible. And the high life author Samantha had assists joins us now you have. Haunts don't say discussion a lively discussion this that would be fair to maintain at and yes you say you argue that all mothers all mothers should keep a foot. In the workplace and that people women that work are happier would soon implies that you're stay at home mom that you're not happy. That's it that's a big debate there's meant to benefit their. A campaign admits homing that you're spending all of your time at war I with feeding your life is woefully in balance and the thinking if you're spending all their time parenting. Your life is woefully and balance. And we got to this place and like where we think that women should either be doing mother hugged her work but there's so many more dimensions and and in working with thousands of women I found that how things Melissa felt. I does that play in six or 75% their life not just one or tail and I feel overstressed. What we think he and that ethics or senator not all stressful right we'll include your friends and your relationship think though that state now if they include here with your children and your career and your hot beef in your community and your house so go to the Chan. So I think let's get to this thinks we're actually enjoying a fall like. He uses that a four what the pie can you explain what you mean by that slices so I felt. Instead thinking of life as you know I think had just a couple of dementia and think of all of the pennant fight they've been. Whether you have kids are not easy playing in six or seven M and self. A relationship or quest to find one and court your friend he shouldn't be paying a count also friends for later on in like has right now working mom I'm think. In the month they out and do it felt free you know. You're going to be a better parent and fatter worker a better partner. About her friend if you're happier and more theft well he's in those jobs they just aren't enough hours in the day for all of us. Welcome I like my moms tell me that because went in things I share there's a lot of strength. Think getting what I call at 25 hour in your dad and to there's a lot of ways to manage your lights that whether it. I called the golden triangle to all of your area is between Warren and and hone in your child's school you know there's a hair salon or at January doctorate in between then it. Point can you can fine line and there's a lot of chick like that they just make your life easier and Packers applied to stay at home dads as well we've become a stay at home moms but that is well. Well it's so important to slip up but in the work force that statistical reality if at more than 50%. A win and who take time off from the workforce can't go back they can't find the best and so I'm singing and we talked so much about women in Chile fit. But the most important thing and that you keep your options open to the thinking meet the workforce and for just one year. You lose all teen percent of your future earnings for at par. And making me for three years it was almost 40% of your future earnings rappers so I went to work part time so that Clinton and daughter. As he set a lively discussions went to take.

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{"duration":"4:02","description":"Samantha Ettus, author of \"The Pie Life,\" defends her belief that women should stay in the work force to lead a fulfilling life.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42229061","title":"Stay-at-Home Moms Are Not Fulfilled, Author Says","url":"/GMA/video/stay-home-moms-fulfilled-author-42229061"}