Steak Myths Exploded: The Right Way to Cook Meat

Cook a perfect steak every time.
1:53 | 09/19/13

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Transcript for Steak Myths Exploded: The Right Way to Cook Meat
Hi this is Michael Monaco -- chef partner at Porter house New York here in New York City. We know that states make people happy and in fact I think it's the quintessential. American -- how we cook it. It's really more important so we're gonna -- some of them that's. So you can have success at home like we have here to -- stakeouts. Yeah. I really recommend that you don't let mistakes come to room temperature before you cook it. Because it'll just cool too quickly he won't be able to control the cooking process in fact we really think. -- ice cold -- hitting in super hot real and that's the most important thing make sure you grill is really high heat. Hot and you will get -- which are on it. Without over cooking the interior because in a room temperature state. He's gonna cook very quickly can have an overcoat there. A really great state shouldn't be overseas and before it hits the -- in fact the only thing that we use its good course. No pepper pepper -- get bitter when he hits that high -- of the real. And barbecue sauces all of those things we'll do is burn leave those to the end lead the condiments to the table and to -- to stake before it hits the -- So you just went -- to get a new barbecue set for you're grilling you got that big giant -- don't use it. Don't use it on stakes because every time you focus today with a fork lifts all the juices come flowing out get rid of the fourth and use -- -- -- of -- to. Put -- stakes -- turn them move them around realism couldn't have gotten much. -- -- stakes when they hit the table.

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{"id":20306516,"title":"Steak Myths Exploded: The Right Way to Cook Meat","duration":"1:53","description":"Cook a perfect steak every time.","url":"/GMA/video/steak-myths-exploded-cook-meat-20306516","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}