Childless Blogger Hits Oversharing Parents With 'S-T-F-U' Site

Blair Koenig discusses her popular blog that highlights parents' oversharing on social media.
4:29 | 04/03/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Childless Blogger Hits Oversharing Parents With 'S-T-F-U' Site
CC1 Test m When it comes to kids when goss sharing become oversharing? A wildly popular blog showcasing the most outages comments on breast-feeding, toilet training and other dirty laundry every family goes through takes aim at parents much the blogger is not a parent and that has a lot of moms and dads up in arms. It's been called oversharening. Moms and dads oversharing personal parenting experiences on very public social media websites. Everything from labor and delivery to photos that we just don't need to see. But this woman, 30-year-old new yorker blair konig has been fighting back with her own blog, stfu, parents. Poking fun at parents who feel the need to share tmi. First an anonymous blog that has over 1.5 million views a month, her site has gotten a lot of buzz and a lot of backlash. I do think she's a bit harsh and crossing a line and taking these comments out of the context in which they were made within the community they were made. Reporter: But she says she's just trying to help. Calling her site a public service guide for parents on what not to post about their kids. And she's having a little laugh while doing it. And blair has turned her blog into a book, "stfu parents "the jaw-dropping self-indulgent and occasional over indulgent parent" you've come out to reveal your identity. Why did you decide to do that. I always wanted to be transparent. Always about transparency but didn't want the blog to be about me but about what I showcased which is just this crazy zany world of overshare but, you know, once I wrote the book i definitely wanted to come out and be me. you're not even a parent. How can you get involved in this? You don't understand. I don't get that very often. I actually most of the time when parents really check out the site and read it I get e-mails from them saying I feel better about parenting and I've seen your site and think it's larious. It all started something all of us can relate to. If you're on social media you know you've gotten those facebook posts from friends who really want to tell you a lot and that is the impetus for this whole thing. When people have no filter at all and just, you know, kind of assume everybody wants to see their kids first poop in the potty, not everybody does. Just a note to self, not everybody does. So we'll play a little game now. It's called share or overshare and we'll give you an example of something we found online. You are let us know and basically let our viewers whether you consider this a share or overshare. So we found this. It's a tweet from a mom in the voice of her 4-month-old daughter so imagine that, describing a dirty diaper. Share or overshare. I'm going to go with overshare on that one. If you're talking in your child's voice that might be a little too much but definitely in you're talking about something like that, way too much. Yeah, I'm imagining it's weird. Ird. A mom describing the excruciating pain -- I can actually relate -- of secretly breast-feeding in a grocery store freezer aisle. Share or overshare? I would say overshare although interesting, definitely an overshare because I don't know if everyone needs to imagine -- right, again, if you can create a visual picture, maybe it's a no. Probably information there and something that moms can relate to. Any mom out there, I'm sure can understand what she's talking about. A mom declares that this is her last post about her kid but she includes a photo while she's got her fingers crossed behind her back. Share or overshare? I don't think overshare but you might be trying to get a little too much attention with that. Yeah, wink, wink. A little attention seeker. A friend announces her son learned to ride his bike at age 5. The mom congratulates her and adds her daughter learned at age 4. Meaning my kid is better than your kid. Yeah, I think that's a little something I call mommy jacking. Mommy jacking. When someone sort of steals your thunder and talks about their own child. So, yeah, I think that's a little mean-spirited to do that. Well, the book is very, very funny -- thank you so much.

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{"duration":"4:29","description":"Blair Koenig discusses her popular blog that highlights parents' oversharing on social media.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18869993","title":"Childless Blogger Hits Oversharing Parents With 'S-T-F-U' Site","url":"/GMA/video/stfu-blogger-blair-koenig-interview-book-details-internets-18869993"}