Stronger Sunscreen Needs FDA Approval

New ingredients used in Europe could offer Americans better protection from the sun's rays.
3:00 | 03/22/14

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Transcript for Stronger Sunscreen Needs FDA Approval
Now to new concerns about the effectiveness of sunscreen with spring break right around the corner and millions of Americans set to hit the beach. There's a push to get the fda to approve new ingredients used in Europe but not here in the U.S. That better protect against the sun's most harmful ultraviolet rays. 3.5 million cases of skin cancer are diagnosed in the U.S. Each year and for more, senior medical contributor Jen Ashton joins us. Why is it so much easier for the europeans to have stronger ingredients. It's a frustrating situation for the lay public and health professionals alike and really all about the process we undergo here for products to get fda approval. It's in place to assure the product is safe, is it effective, sometimes that process is better here, sometimes it's worse. It's definitely different. What will it take for the fda to modify their regular lays. They have to test them. When you compare the products that we have here to what they have in Europe, you know, Europe's products tend to be more thorough, more complete, more broad spectrum and cover the uva and uvb and stayen longer feel better on the skin and have less on sofshgs into our bloodstream but before we all pack up and move to Europe to get these products, you know, it's interesting because if you look at the skin cancer statistics, bianna, in Europe, let's say in a country like England, they haven't declined significantly since these products have been available so it's something we'll have to watch. What is your recommendation? You said spring is already here. I forgot. My arms and legs look like so cold but when I go out I buy spf 30, 50, I see 75. Even 100. What is your recommendation. People first of all should apply sunscreen every day, not just in the summer. They should look for products that block both uva and uvb rays. They're both important. They should cover up as much as possible. Especially the face and hands. The areas that are exposed all the time and look, if all else fails you can embrace that lifeguard image and go for the good old zinc oxide which is very effective. It's just that it's unsightly. This goes for moisturizers and daily wear use, as well. Correct. We'll be watching. Jen, great to see you, thanks. Big sun hats work as well.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"New ingredients used in Europe could offer Americans better protection from the sun's rays.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23017493","title":"Stronger Sunscreen Needs FDA Approval","url":"/GMA/video/stronger-sunscreen-fda-approval-23017493"}