Stuart Scott Tribute: His Story of Love and Triumph

ABC News' Robin Roberts remembers the beloved ESPN anchor who died at the age of 49.
3:56 | 03/10/15

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Transcript for Stuart Scott Tribute: His Story of Love and Triumph
My dear friend Stewart Scott was a groundbreaking anchor at ESPN phone for his energetic spirit and signature catchphrases. I'm not even going to try to do them. One of the most genuine people, though, that I've ever known and most importantly, he was an incredible dad to his two daughters and in recent years, Stuart was phone for his very public battle with cancer. He passed away earlier this year and just weeks before, he finished writing his memoir "Every day I fight" and we are honored today to have his dear siblings, Susan, Cynthia and Steven here with us in the birth order. In the birth order. Thank you. Thank you for this time. Thank you for having us. Everyone wants to know how you're doing. How stu's parents and his daughters are doing. How is everybody? Everyone is strong like Stuart and we're coming along. There's a cute story of our parents, they're Reading the book to each other and laughing and crying, Taylor and Sydney have moved back into their new Normal. That's going to take more time. That's a process and I think it's a process for all of us. It has been. There's always been the four of. You always been the four of us. We've always been a package, two girls, two boys, but he lived so courageously and so we're going to continue that. Was there something that surprised you when you read the book? I was surprised at how much fight he had. The things that stayed in his head when people told him he couldn't do something. I diddant know how much he internalized, you know what, that person told me no and I'm going to show them, but then also the maturity of I have to let that one go and just move forward. We all know the speech that has been played over and over again at jimmy V. And how he said about cancer and it's how you live. That was a part that was my favorite part of the whole speech. You beat cancer, not only how you live, why you live but the manner in which you live the next part was the most important and mandate to me was go live so whether cancer or whatever it is you're dealing with, what he showed everybody was go live. That's exactly what he was doing so how did your baby brother beat cancer by how he lived? Nothing about Stuart's life that didn't have to change changed. Cancer was so secondary in his day-to-day activity, we never saw how internalized it was. Who inspired stu? Dad? Dad. Dad. And mom. I would say both our parents. Yes. The thing about dad, integrity, truth, justice, fairness. Mom, emotion, honesty, heart. Such a combination of those two. So when people pick up this book, what is it that you want them to walk away knowing about your brother and knowing maybe something more about themselves? That no matter what you're facing, cancer, anything else, have a tenacity and don't give up. And above all he wants people to remember him for being a great dad. That's it. Yeah. Oh, my gosh. Tay Lahr -- it was palpable for him that he be able to touch them, talk to them, feel them, any and everything with them was important to him. Yes. We're going to go stealth. Yeah. What is that. Wherever we went anywhere, Stuart would say let's go stealth and we would pretend to be commandos on the street hiding behind cars and street posts and guiding each other forwards to and -- it was just fun. It was grown-ups being children. I think Stuart was silly. I mean that's the thing that people don't know. He was very silly. Always -- Always fun and games. Always. Steven, Cynthia, Susan, our love to you. Thank you for sharing your baby brother with us. Go thank you so much. Best to sydni, Taylor and your folks. Thank you very much. "Every day buy it. But the more you learn about your coverage, the more gaps you might find.

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{"duration":"3:56","description":"ABC News' Robin Roberts remembers the beloved ESPN anchor who died at the age of 49.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"29525746","title":"Stuart Scott Tribute: His Story of Love and Triumph","url":"/GMA/video/stuart-scott-tribute-story-love-triumph-29525746"}