Student Describes High School Shooting Scene

Nathan Heckendorf says he heard 5 to 6 gunshots coming from the Marysville, Washington, school's cafeteria.
4:16 | 10/24/14

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Transcript for Student Describes High School Shooting Scene
Some of the system of the students leaving the school some still in lockdown and in fact right now I wanna go on the phone with one of those students Nathan Hecht indoor. Inside of the school isn't Nathan obviously aren't we are happy that you're okay what's going on right now. Basically everything right now it's it was it was pretty hectic scenario offers some kids out on the football field thinking it was a fired some key. Ready to collapse and some money back because to leave this school. I'm right now is some kids have been evacuated gone to church outside the outside the high school limestone and one of the questions waiting to be evacuated. I'm pretty calm pretty calm career and still kind of shaken up some people are crying but it's. As of now it's pretty pretty common on the. It's what did you hear any of the shots fired this morning. We just. We heard. We heard the gun gunshot fired and we aren't much some kids like a children's classrooms. And we can. Where I was out near the cafeteria walking near and heard the gunshot sirens in his classroom. Now I'm Lauren and in the Kosovo in the U got treated as well. To see you aren't you a year being locked in an inside it is there police officer also in there with your your teachers well. They're very cute repeat that it's. And. You you're in there with other students as well and is there a police officer or teacher that's in there there. There is no know police officer in our room right now but there are issued and. And what have you been told when when you what you might be let out of that classroom or when you might be exactly from the school. Basically I think right now they're going and searching every classroom Varity has. Authorities confirmed. The shooter and computer is down and but. Paid for another go into the cautions cabbages. Evacuating students and searching for probably any other weapon just just in case but that's my guess what now. How many shots do you remember how many shots you heard. There was there was six we are not. Doing there were six shots. There is there is five essential outside Ari are counted five but I think there was six I've heard reports of six. And from from what it seemed like he was some like there are coming from inside the cafeteria. Yes they are coming from inside the cafeteria. I've heard reports of people right next to the table saying the shooter walked up to the table. Shot six times that six different kids. And then put the C volatile and also what freedoms in. I want to ask me is there are other metal detectors given a police officer that mitts in your school. Yes we have we do you have we have security who watches over a parking lot that we do you have an ongoing bird a police officer on our game this. Looking after our campus. He sees you do McDonald's Microsoft give a resource officer that's there. Yes we do not have metal detectors nor it's an outside. We have an outdoor school girl we have got to separate separate building on each. Kind of fluctuated up throughout the campus so it's an all outdoor school. About it right now Nathan how far you from the cafeteria. Right now I'm years the football stadium where mode where most kids who heard the fire alarms are fled pretty far. I didn't know exactly what was going on whose side are horrible I heard the gunshots. Sort of a lot of kids land 2% a lot of the landing field thinking that it was a fire alarm. Those kind of hectic scene past first until until you know are given the other side right now and into the stadium where mostly kids. Got to go to a football field complete thought it was a fire. What would of the drew what has been the drill. For something like this man did that isn't silently kicked in. Yeah RC a lot of the kids did think it was a juror also a lot of homework going through protocol and go into their certain section on the field. It was pretty calm out on the field no one really knew what was going on besides without anxious. Fire alarm which most most kids stock. Until. A couple teachers came around and and then told us exactly what what was going on and it was a lockdown so. They came back and that was what I saw the other kids come and run back.

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{"duration":"4:16","description":"Nathan Heckendorf says he heard 5 to 6 gunshots coming from the Marysville, Washington, school's cafeteria.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26435562","title":"Student Describes High School Shooting Scene ","url":"/GMA/video/student-describes-school-shooting-scene-26435562"}