Student, Gunman Killed in Oregon School Shooting

Eyewitnesses say the gunman was armed with a rifle and body armor when he opened fire in the school locker room.
2:38 | 06/11/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Student, Gunman Killed in Oregon School Shooting
school shooting, leaving one student dead and a teacher injured. This is the 74th school shooting since the tragedy at sandy hook. You see the map there, showing the locations of each incident. Unthinkable nationwide epidemic. President Obama, visibly angry, calling for national soul-searching about gun violence. ABC's David Wright is in troutdale, outside Portland, Oregon, for us, this morning. Good morning, David. Reporter: Good morning, robin. This was supposed to have been the last day of classes today before summer vacation. But now, instead of celebrating the start of summer, this community finds itself in the midst of a much more tragic American tradition, grief. And yet one more fatal campus shooting. 8:05. High school's urgent call for help. Got a report of shots fired in the locker room. Reporter: Within two minutes, police arrive on campus. I was really scared. I was like -- this is happening. This is real. Reporter: Eyewitnesses say the gunman, armed with a rifle and body armor, walked into the locker room and took aim at a 14-year-old freshman on the soccer team. Emilio Hoffman, killed instantly. He was such a sweet and genuine, and caring guy. Reporter: Inside those locked rooms, they heard it unfold. In horror. Our friend, Tate, was banging on the door, there's a guy with a gun. Let us in. We let him in. I'm in shock. Reporter: Witnesses say the gunman shot football coach Todd ripsler. He was running after one of our teachers, our P.E. Teacher. Reporter: Who, despite a bullet wound, managed to run to the office and initiate the lockdown. You can see his shirt is ripped by the bullet. Reporter: Parents bogathering at a nearby parking lot, waited for news. I wanted to get here as fast as I could. Reporter: 9:15, the coast finally cleared, police lead students to safety, hands up. This mountain of backpacks left behind. Then, tearful reunions. Except for one family, whose son won't be coming home. Emil Emilio's family, surrounded by students at a vigil overnight. President Obama shared the community's grief and outrage. We're the only developed country on Earth where this happens. And it happens now once a week. We should be ashamed of that. Reporter: Police at this point not identifying the shooter who was also killed. Authorities found him slumped in a bathroom stall in the locker room. His wounds, apparently self-inflicted. George? Okay, David. Thanks very much.

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{"id":24089220,"title":"Student, Gunman Killed in Oregon School Shooting","duration":"2:38","description":"Eyewitnesses say the gunman was armed with a rifle and body armor when he opened fire in the school locker room.","url":"/GMA/video/student-gunman-killed-oregon-school-shooting-24089220","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}