New study uses risk index to determine if millennials are more easily scammed

The "GMA" team of insiders analyzes some of the biggest stories trending this morning.
5:36 | 03/06/17

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Transcript for New study uses risk index to determine if millennials are more easily scammed
We are back with our big board. Rebecca Jarvis here at the table our first story. Pretty surprising new study from the better business bureau previewing it here first and reveals the list of top scams and who they target and, Rebecca, this is the study is a first of its kind, using a risk index to determine who is most vulnerable. The most vulnerable are not who you think they are. They looked at thousands of scams and found men are more vulnerable than women but what is more surprising seniors who we tend to think would be the most vulnerable to scams are actually less vulnerable than 18 to 24-year-olds who are three times as likely. Three times. Three times as likely as susceptible to scams as seniors. That is surprising. What are the top three scams? So, there are a number of scams out there. The top three, employment scams, these are scams where you're hired on the spot. You think you've gotten a job on the spot. They tend to ask you for money up frouptsz and say it's for training purposes. Never fall for that one. Check scams. These are fake check scams oftentimes they're overpayments, right? So they'll come to you and say, oh, we accidentally put too much money into your check. Would you wire us back an amount. This oftentimes happens if you're an online seller and sell stuff online. I've heard about it happening to a number of small businesses and then home improvement scams. These happen oftentimes after big storms. The storm chasers come out and go door-to-door and say, hey, I'm here to deliver you service. I can give you a low, low rate. It tends to be not that low rate that they're offering. Taking advantage of people when vulnerable like that. And they give any advice on what people can do. We saw this a lot during hurricane sandy, unfortunately, it is, robin, like you said when people are most vulnerable. Look out for cash only deal. If they offer a deal and say the only way we can deliver this to your home is cash only. Consider walking the other way. High up front payments. Give us all the money up front we'll do the work afterwards. They have trust that deal. You want to work with somebody who is going to accept money along the way as they complete the job and then finally, the handshake deals. Sadly a lot of this happens when these people will go door-to-door and the scammers will go door-to-door in neighborhoods after one of these terrible incidents hike a hurricane sandy, they'll go door-to-door, handshake only. You want a contract and you want to ask around 9 neighborhood. What was your experience like, ask for references always in these cases. All right, Rebecca, thank you as always. Next up prince Harry is sparking royal wedding fever. Over the weekend he and his girlfriend actress Meghan Markle spotted at his best friend's wedding in Jamaica. A lot of people are now wondering if they will be next to walk down the aisle. Robert Jobson joins us. What is the word on the treat there, Robert? Well, they've certainly got tongues wagging and really the fact is they look very, very happy together. They've been going out for quite some months and staying at his apartment in kensington palace and the fact of that matter is that the reality is they are very happy and she had her arm around him throughout the wedding and they are very much a couple and I think most people are thinking, yes, this could well be the one. You're saying most people are thinking that but some clucking too from traditionalists too, right? Yeah, there's a few traditionalists out there causing a little critics in the newspapers saying really because she's a divorcee and maybe her profession is not suitable for a royal bride that she's not the right type. But things have moved on really in that respect from the times of 1955 when princess Margaret was effectively banned from marrying her love, Peter Townsend a divorcee or abdication crisis of '36. The monarch has moved on. Prince Charles and Camilla are the next. If prince Harry wants to marry Megan, no reason why he shouldn't. People seem confident and bookies taking bets on everything, aren't they, Robert? Yeah, taking bets pretty much everything including what title she would have and what title he would have. She would immediately if they got married she would be a princess, so she would be princess Henry of Wales but the queen would probably go I ha have -- give him a title like William, the duke of claim bij either the duke of Sussex or Clarence meaning she would be the duchess of Clarence or Sussex. As long as they're happy. I had the privilege of spending some time last year -- As well as happy. With prince Harry. He really seems to be in such a great place. He just seems so settled and the charity work that he's doing and all. He really does and he is somebody I think that most people remember Harry that little boy when he was walking behind his mother's coffin and there was such sadness there, wasn't there? Most people want this guy to find happiness and to really, you know, be the person he wants to be. He is the most popular member of the royal family. He's natural just like his mother and when he's mingling with people they just really like him. Yes. That would be a pretty fun wedding. It would be a hoot. It would be a real knees up when that does happen. All right. Thank you very much. Good to have you here, Rebecca, as well.

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{"duration":"5:36","description":"The \"GMA\" team of insiders analyzes some of the biggest stories trending this morning.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"45935106","title":"New study uses risk index to determine if millennials are more easily scammed","url":"/GMA/video/study-risk-index-determine-millennials-easily-scammed-45935106"}