Study Shows How Much Sugar Is in Your Kids' Cereals

A single serving of some cereals could exceed the daily sugar limit recommend for children.
3:13 | 05/14/14

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Transcript for Study Shows How Much Sugar Is in Your Kids' Cereals
Let us know what you think. Other topics that are burning up our "Heat index," including a brand-new study showing hoshow ING how much sugar is really in kids' breakfast cereals. 40% of the breakfast cereals marketed to children have added sugar. Most of them way over the daily sugar limit recommendation. Are we surprised by this? Pay attention to it. You do have to pay attention. 40% more in children's cereals than adult cereals. That may the more shocking thing they're targeting children. Consumers have many options for breakfast. They should read package labels to make informed choices and focus on an overall diet. It can be a treat and not an everyday thing. There is so much sugar in them. They say the recommendation to make cereal -- to make breakfast from scratch, that's almost an impossible task when you're trying to get your kids off to school. And cereal's pretty good. They want the cereal. That remains our favorite. We have some really -- You can probably guess. Uh-huh. They're great. Beyonce, burning up the "Heat index" again this morning. We've seen the surveillance video with jay Z, getting attacked by her sister, Solange, in that elevator, after the met gala the other night. This morning, after 6:30 this morning, beyonce posted old photos of her and Solange on her instagram account. They have gone crazy in the last couple of hours. Hundreds of thousands of likes. Simple comment from beyonce. All she wrote was, good morning. Nice. It's good to see them together. And you know what? I know there's a lot of memes out there. And people are having fun with this. But this is about family. For her to post those pictures -- I have sisters. It speaks from the heart. Everyone back off. You know how it is. You can -- I can say something about my sister. But you cannot. Oh, no. Don't you go there. Don't say anything about my sister, sally. Dorothy, too. Family first. This is an interesting topic. Hopefully you'll agree. It's a story that's going viral overnight. Two parents who seem to have mastered the skill of taking their young daughter out to eat. They brought their daughter to a restaurant in Canada for a mother's day meal over the weekend. The bill shows up, they notice they get a, quote, well-behaviored kids discount. Check that out. A $5 discount for good behavior. He couldn't believe it. It immediately went viral. And we've heard from the restaurant. The owner said, we welcome the kids. We wanted to show some appreciation for kids and parents with dining manners. It's there, as well. As long as there isn't a fine for bad behavior. Ah. What are you saying, Amy, about your children? I want the discount, too.

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{"duration":"3:13","description":"A single serving of some cereals could exceed the daily sugar limit recommend for children.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23711180","title":"Study Shows How Much Sugar Is in Your Kids' Cereals","url":"/GMA/video/study-shows-sugar-kids-cereals-23711180"}