New Study: You Could Be Wearing Wrong Shoe Size

Experts say most people, unaware that feet can get bigger or smaller over time, are wearing the wrong shoe size.
4:02 | 07/22/14

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Transcript for New Study: You Could Be Wearing Wrong Shoe Size
When was the last time you -- Measured your feet? This morning. That's something I always ask people. Well, a new "Wall Street journal" article points out that if you haven't done it in the past year, you may be causing some serious damage. New information this morning on why changing shoe sizes isn't just for growing kids and Mara schiavocampo, you made us measure our feet this morning. I did, all for a good cause. A lot of people think they're wearing the right shoe size but experts say most of us are wearing the wrong size, completely unaware that our feet can get bigger -- there we go. It helps to hear me. They're un awaaware they can get bigger or smaller with time. Wearing the Wong shoes can be really bad for your feet. ? when shopping for shoe, many are getting off on the wrong foot. According to a recent survey, two-thirds say our shoes are uncomfortable and experts say it's for a reason you might not imagine. So most of us are wearing the wrong size That's correct. Reporter: We asked Dr. Joannie yonar to join us at payless a retailer to measure feet in children and adults. So this says a 5. Exactly on target. Yeah, this is a 10 1/2, 11. A perfect 5. Reporter: But many shoppers don't take that step. And you're closer to a 9 1/2. Reporter: Experts say one reason so many don't know their correct size, feet change over time. Foot size can be changed by weight gain or weight loss, pregnancy, aging, exercise and the amount we walk and also the shoes we wear. Reporter: Some also have trouble finding larger sizes. As Americans have gotten bigger, so as the average shoe size. In the '60s the average woman wore a 5 1/2. In the '70s, a 7 1/2 and today somewhere between 8 1/2 and 9. Karen Williamson started her shoe business with long tall sally because she couldn't find shoes to fit her daughter's size 12 feet. A problem others told her about too. I realized although it was a niche it was a huge thich and some could not find shoes. Reporter: Experts say measure your feet once a year. Use the left foot which tends to be bigger and measure them at the end of the day when feet are their largest. Why is it important to wear the right size? Two small a shoe or too narrow a shoe can create bunions age hammertoes and too big, friction and this is unnecessary. There are a lot of shoes to choose from as long as you get the right size. Reporter: The right size for putting the right foot forward. Now, a few other tips. Measure your longest toe even if it's not the big toe. Give yourself just a little bit of room in the tip of the shoe, probably a half an inch. A big mistake people make, don't count on your shoes stretching. They should fit properly when you buy them. As you mentioned we did force you guys to measure your feet. So you two actually wear the right size which -- Amy and I do. Fantastic. Ink goer, you size up a little bit. Yeah. So your foot is a size 7. I got a big boat foot. I feel that's because of the widodo. Better to give yourself room but say not too much because otherwise your feet have to work not to slide out. Okay. But sounds like you're on the right track. Lara, your feet are different sizes which is not uncommon. Of course. It's not unusual. But you're buying for the bigger foot. I have one flipper and one -- They're slightly different but experts say that's what you should do. Buy for the bigger foot. I do but it is a problem but I think better bigger than absolutely smaller. Because she do -- because she does, we get to share. I know because you go up a little bit and I'm just a little, little bit bigger. The best part of this segment now I know who I can ask for shoes from. That is a policy on this. These are our shoes here. Fabulous. All right. Zara, I know you can't believe it. They're beautiful. But we digress. And I took my ZARA's off

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{"id":24660563,"title":"New Study: You Could Be Wearing Wrong Shoe Size","duration":"4:02","description":"Experts say most people, unaware that feet can get bigger or smaller over time, are wearing the wrong shoe size. ","url":"/GMA/video/study-wearing-wrong-shoe-size-24660563","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}