Summer Fit Tips From Bar Method Founder

Burr Leonard, founder of The Bar Method discusses the exercise craze and ways to get lean.
6:09 | 07/10/14

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Transcript for Summer Fit Tips From Bar Method Founder
This is something I've tried in you have I have the Barmes and held. And we're gonna -- -- -- NASA. It's because. Is that hot Willard brown the defendants grab everybody's attention all over the -- -- -- can looting and you're armed with -- -- everything you want right. It's tough sell that is yeah. Here live -- -- the -- birth Leonard. With some tips about how to stay strong and -- So that's aware of where I mean I did -- once -- years ago only two years ago maybe and it has just. Escalated our youth so happy with what's happened I'm thrilled and such an effective were counted so many people learn joining us now we'll get -- out of work. It's a body sculpting work out that -- its muscles improves posture. And slimmed down your body might very easily bike -- OK we haven't about -- studios around the country and now we -- do it online anywhere any time. That's the best that I think people that maybe are ready to feeling that wanna go to class and situation make it start like that doing it online that's right and then move up. I love the class that's so -- show it's your -- -- a couple of things yes and what's different about department that is why it shouldn't human right muscle. Is that you can -- it right away and -- cheat sheet. People who. We've never liked exercise in the past love this because they feel the muscle right away. He planned to do that -- And that's the -- -- get solar -- -- -- -- didn't -- -- -- confronted and desolate many celebrities that do it who are some of the Miller more famous -- Drew Barrymore is taken for years and loves it. Silly question -- -- takes it and Ricki Lake loves it and -- Hedrick. -- -- that Cedric. And yes we have the number of studios in the Hollywood area of low impact of -- -- -- companies mentioned Ukraine where. Recently had yet these so it's -- -- doesn't get get that pretty big body back against the extra point. Well yes it's really look -- it that's the way it -- today they can be watching events and do it at home. Absolutely okay. Well people -- -- gates gets you into difficult to reach muscles and one of those muscles. His career the FBI. And reason is we live in an error where relief for a lot -- computers and her cell phones in our chairs. And they grow up that way we can't lose touch with muscles in the back of her -- so when we first try to start to -- They don't. Nothing happened so what the great. -- work out so what are my favorite is CDC and everything I love it is it also working a lot of other muscles in your body including the core. Hi it's stretching your size it's worth your posture muscles and it's -- -- your -- So let me show you Amy believes the co -- of the -- Manhattan studios -- -- -- demonstrated for us. So Amy -- your feet to help with the part Sox ten yankees step one foot back. You your hamstrings to draw that put. If she's got a hamstrings on -- could get a good sign it's a little bit more. Lol your hips forward. Can't shrink your -- in front and then slightly Ford at the -- to create a kind of push -- between the muscles. Down the back -- -- working lag that are pulling premier -- all we hear flat. And then -- punching forward like a fist with the your -- England as hard as you can see your muscles which is working really. His look check in have you don't get extra benefit for -- -- Is that yes if you try it some don't parent holding on anything but I really haven't got a little something and so weird. I don't -- you are yes now when you first start paying the credit -- hamstring yes nagging at goods news. But it's a little bit more. Still. Contract your -- as if you're almost pulling -- a plea before we don't let them -- -- kind of pulling get hit status. And drop your Campbell as much as you can kind of turning like to handle it okay left in the beginning you're seeing it all out that you shouldn't -- Now and then that keep your hips -- -- and move -- working at. When each can win each floor tank while -- what you think it looks subtle but it doesn't feel settled yet your -- it's an attendance gentle worked -- who. Isolation. If you know any of those moves well I love that I gotta get back. So -- three mile -- -- sure then I orchids and other exercise that it can we put you in the regulations so that you work your. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So Amy lift your heels -- comfortably high position. -- -- -- Relax Shiller about and -- cast. -- she isn't perfect -- more when people start working day taking bar anyway I'm okay. -- ten want leaned forward and kind of the body have made it seem to -- wants to get out other -- -- they feel. And that was wonderful of that department it is it's the teachers. Encourage students support them and help them to stay in the right positions to each classics like that's heat you have these wonderful communities here in the class. You're being coached in the long it out about their idea they could drop half with everybody there and they're all supporting each other and so let's say eat -- for written. At taking -- heightened playing for which. And how long -- you stay in this if somebody's watching this calendar day. Pulling that posts and lets you can do -- anything we -- more than ten but let's try to help -- -- to attend when -- down what did you down names. -- and muscle later what does it because again that -- -- but it very effective what muscles issue working right now she's working her lots. So that's the largest massacre in the body and she's really carrying her full body weight. On her quiet time so it's a very intense work -- she's also working her. Back muscles directors -- -- traps them all the muscles apology straight. Just a reputed look like Amy -- benefit our -- overwork thank you so much -- so that -- -- here right here to be -- -- -- online. Barton an online pharmacy dot com thank that's -- you find them and that's how you define all of -- eighty studios congratulations to you.

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{"duration":"6:09","description":"Burr Leonard, founder of The Bar Method discusses the exercise craze and ways to get lean.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24505082","title":"Summer Fit Tips From Bar Method Founder","url":"/GMA/video/summer-fit-tips-bar-method-founder-24505082"}