3 Must-Have Summer Milkshakes

Gio Benitez, Ginger Zee and Ryan Smith sample specialty treats from "The Milkshake Factory."
4:07 | 07/01/14

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Transcript for 3 Must-Have Summer Milkshakes
We did something more American and even any and I -- -- giving copies. Okay now would be. I don't think I have no question about I know very high IRA. -- -- yet as a stand I didn't we have trying to perfect Dana and Chris and yuck -- -- -- Katrina but also links yes we're talking and Murase. We're doing the sibling to sibling rivalry right now world world -- -- can make investments it well this is funding. Now we want to had successfully so what do you what he wants -- -- the -- -- -- -- -- with the dark -- -- shake. So -- -- is has -- newest product. Then -- is achieved cult following. Available at Costco and other retailers some. Nationwide. It's a dark chocolate. Paramount pretzel Cecil like awesome -- amazing -- you can say chocolate -- Yeah we created a -- anti soccer -- A strategic. We couldn't talk a bit over a hundred years you guys made in the US and I love that for what is their hundredth anniversary can we track dirt go for -- are so. I hate it god your eyes off -- -- -- -- why didn't want to go to wherever. So we start with them. The five ounces of milk in the milk shake and we go to ten ounces of dole say don't let's say -- screen. -- And then loans. -- And then we go to hot fudge next. We -- a little -- hot fudge and there. And some pretzels. School. And -- dark chocolate chips. One hell -- we -- and that. This is I love this history. These are great as we use the milk -- factory. I'm zero counter space -- I keep telling my husband because he just got on that -- is that this -- we need something busy I don't know me to come home yeah. -- -- almanac. This is the one very important that he. It makes it makes perfect. Place -- how long he bled for about thirty seconds to -- And then. And then you're ready to surf. Eight. And I love I think -- and you get a little idea what -- happening and that is right you know get all the flavors unit has argued these your guess what your servants here a lot of important. I gotta love that -- -- data would come over to you I am I have triple cookie crunch Schaible which didn't my kids' favorite. And -- is great for adults but we start with obviously our whole milk. About cookie dough ice cream and then we add in three of my favorite cookies Vanilla -- this Florio's. In some nutter butter. You gotta love. Practically everything in the world exactly -- so again want to blame it. Thirty seconds -- And that's not finished earlier. When I -- I have been accidentally we've got to get them the last one because yes Atlanta have a perfect. It's a perfect summer -- because it's a banana cream -- everybody loves. All American classic dessert so we put the -- little wafers the Graham crackers the -- press bananas he's really fresh ingredients is really important. And then if you try that same things when the milk shake -- super premium Vanilla ice cream and it is like being. Gotten so and so and we -- another big -- in the boutique after it's our it's our old fashioned ice cream soda fountain in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and we've been there for like mark that -- our 100 anniversary itself. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes yeah got a tech got to thank you would have been anything Planet Green eyes that -- I knew it my favorite is dark chocolates that -- of mud can't pay its good and I haven't tried -- Yes that's right hands on it yes yelling at Breslin got to go snap their school. Love it looked little like these on the assault after the break yeah. Yeah. The ending is so much from us and -- I was right here every morning on CNN live 9 AME and then.

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{"id":24379670,"title":"3 Must-Have Summer Milkshakes","duration":"4:07","description":"Gio Benitez, Ginger Zee and Ryan Smith sample specialty treats from \"The Milkshake Factory.\"","url":"/GMA/video/summer-milkshakes-24379670","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}