Summer Reading Preview: What's Hot in 2013?

Abbie Boudreau combs beaches and poolsides in L.A. to see what people are reading this summer.
3:35 | 07/04/13

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Transcript for Summer Reading Preview: What's Hot in 2013?
Burning up the "gma" meet index, as well. We're about to share some of our favorites with you. First, abc's abbie boudreau cased the beaches and poolside in l.A. To get a sample of what folks are reading right now. Reporter: A summer reading revolution. From self-help and sci-fi, to murder mystery. We're on a mission, a beach book ambush to find out some of the hottest reads this summer. First, a few essentials for our undercover operation. I think these are us. Thank you. All right. I have to blend in. And, yes, we need these. And we're ready to hit the beach. Found a girl reading a book. Let's go see what it is. What are you reading? "The fault in our stars." I'm reading "onward." Reporter: A cookbook here. Sitting poolside in santa monica, it runs the gamut. Let's see what you're reading. "Girl in translation." I just started. Reporter: Did you steal that from the library? No. Reporter: And this guy loves his hemingway. What makes a good summer read? I like it short so I can get through it in a couple of days. Reporter: For me, I prefer to stick to the classics. Well, kind of. For "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. We've got a lot of the good summer reads out here right now. This is my favorite thing to do to pick what book I'm taking on summer vacation. Back and forth. This is "gone girl." The read of the summer last year. It spent 52 weeks on "the new york times" best-seller book. Every woman in my life is reading that book. This book "the son," by phillipp meyer. He's a writer who harkins to larry McMeritry. This is what I'm reading right now. All the ladies are reading this and raving about it. It's "life after life." About a woman who keeps from the moment she's born, she dies and she lives. It's about how life changes dramatically, had she lived or died. And it is -- I cannot put this thing down. One of the books I'm going to recommend is a similar type of theme, the next book I'll talk about. First by khaled hosseini. "And the mountains." I'm a huge fan of time travel. I'm obsessed with it. And this is recommended to me by the great amy robach. So, I thought, you know -- she couldn't put this down. I have this at any house. The idea is that stephen king creates this time travel where they go back to try to prevent the aassassination of jfk. They try to prevent crimes. I haven't read it yet. It's a thick book. I'm excited to try to get through it. One last track on young adults. "Wonder" an amazing book to read to your kids. And you will love it. I just got done reading it to my boys. We have more, elizabeth. You can get more of our top summer must-reads at goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! Let's go inside, now, to

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{"id":19577846,"title":"Summer Reading Preview: What's Hot in 2013?","duration":"3:35","description":"Abbie Boudreau combs beaches and poolsides in L.A. to see what people are reading this summer.","url":"/GMA/video/summer-reading-preview-hot-2013-19577846","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}