Dangers of Distracted Lifeguards

ABC News' Paula Faris explores the perils your family may face at the beach.
3:31 | 08/13/15

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Transcript for Dangers of Distracted Lifeguards
GMA on the lookout and this morning the dangers of distracted lifeguards just because there's one on Judy doesn't mean your kids are safe. For every second their eyes are also water someone's life could be in danger. ABC's Hollis Harris is in Bedford hills New York this morning with the story good morning Paula. I'm remarried you know we're heading yeah CN Manning tragedy this summer and many of these tragedies have. Happening and I learned on the job in this chair and yeah. And animal liner. Watch as this I'm duty lifeguard takes his eyes off the water decorum blocking of it over beach goers the confrontation eventually escalating did this physical fight. Experts say it happens to all the kids lifeguards and distract kids realize there are. This guard was fired after being found lounging in the shade while on duty and even bringing her instinct Christine here in this car seat with her to work. I told you want to watered. In the same way that you wouldn't expect to health care provider to go ahead and be fooling around you wouldn't expect like gore to be doing that is. And now adding to that distraction social media. GMA finding dozens of pictures and videos of what appeared to be on duty lifeguards posting self these videos of their pools. This caption reading sneaky my phone while guarding. One is accountable. For their actions. Newell is with Alison associates a company that certifies lifeguards and conduct undercover safety audits like this one. Catching lifeguards listening to music even I'm their phone held guardian. That's second or two seconds but they're distracted from the water could mean somebody's life. Almost five children who drowned in swimming pools do so without lifeguards present to children like thirteen year old Ricky Harris seen here on surveillance footage getting into will pull it can't. And never making it out and well what lifeguard is in the stands another appears to be on a computer. Ricky going unnoticed at the bottom of that pool for more than ten minute. Paramedics rushing in they are too late. This field is now suing Transylvania University which is the camp operator and add the two lifeguards saying they were grossly negligent. All defendants say their thoughts and prayers remain with the family but they deny any wrongdoing and it told the court the lifeguard on the computer was on break. Many lifeguards are 1516 year are sold. They make mistakes we know they're gonna make mistakes that's why annual says even if a light guard is on duty. Parents also need to keep an eye and their kids we tried explained everybody the lifeguards aren't babysitters. And if you do catchy distracted life guard speak up. And you know analogy is a couple of seconds for a lifeguard to lose focus and miss this swimmers in distress there are 31 swimmers in the senate right now. Let's experiment let's rejects a quick LP hey there everybody I'm gonna post this. You my into Graham account with the hash tags. Lifeguards at W this isn't taking very line and then. I just post today but in those moments where my eyes were on the phone they were not on the pool do you see this swimmer at the bottom of the pool and distract. Waving his arms now Larry I had no idea. Wow that's really something Pollock painting himself corporation to see that little boy. Thank you very much Paula we want to thank the town Bedford rec and park department for helping with that demonstrations so important all eyes on the.

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{"duration":"3:31","description":"ABC News' Paula Faris explores the perils your family may face at the beach.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33056087","title":"Dangers of Distracted Lifeguards","url":"/GMA/video/summer-swiming-safety-dangers-distracted-lifeguards-33056087"}