Calvin Klein Underwear Model Launched to Fame

N.J. stock boy discusses new fame after memorable ad aired during the Super Bowl.
3:50 | 02/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Calvin Klein Underwear Model Launched to Fame
some say it was the absolute best ad of the super bowl. He is the new face -- well, okay. The new abs of calvin klein. And this morning, those abs are everywhere. This is the guy. That's very admirable. Reporter: Mr. Abs does have a name. He is 21-year-old matthew terry. I'm cecilia. Nice to meet you. I barely recognized you dressed. Not too long ago, he was stocking milk in a new jersey grocery store. I have to see the unveiling. Oh, my god. It was not photoshopped. After terry's mom entered his photo in a modeling contest, the rest, as they say -- I got a phone call from my agent saying, the video you shot is going to be in the super bowl. I was pretty much speechless. Reporter: Speechless was hardly the reaction his family had when they, and the rest of the country, saw him shirtless on sunday. Now, terry's abs join the ranks of other abs of steel. And give david beckham a run for his money. But it takes a lot of work to look this good. I like doing planks. I find that once you get that burning feeling, that's when you need to push yourself more. Reporter: Is it beyond six seconds at this point? Without a doubt, he had the best six-pack of the super bowl. And it had nothing at all to do with beer. reporter skills to the test. And I asked those really tough questions. I know, america, you want to know. Does he have a girlfriend? No. We're all in luck. His ideal woman, lara, blondes. I'm out of luck. You, on the other hand -- one problem. Seve decades. Let's meet matthew terry here. Hi, matthew. Welcome to "good morning america." Good to see you again. Amy, we might need you over here. Amy? Amy? We go way back, from yesterday. And in the interest of journalism, all in the name of journalism, can you show us the goods? Are you embarrassed? I have no shame. I did this yesterday. It's all out the window. It's all because we're doorless. This is the "good morning america" treat, right? Oh, my. Let me ask some questions so that we -- useful information. What's your workout regimen? Try to go to the gym five times a week. Make it part of my daily routine. Getting up and showering. Is eating part of the daily routine? Absolutely. Yeah. Always have to eat. Alwa have to workout, to some people think going to the gym makes the whole thing. But you have to finish your workout with good meals. And tons of protein? Not tons of protein. You don't want to overload your body. Chicken. You don't want to overload your body with that. Congratulations. Thank you so much. This is a really big deal. I appreciate it. Thank you. It's working, whatever you do. Thank you very much. Best of luck. Thank you so much.

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{"id":18408585,"title":"Calvin Klein Underwear Model Launched to Fame","duration":"3:50","description":"N.J. stock boy discusses new fame after memorable ad aired during the Super Bowl.","url":"/GMA/video/super-bowl-2013-commercials-calvin-klein-underwear-model-18408585","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}