Patti LaBelle on Headlining the Super Bowl Gospel Celebration

The gospel super star talks about performing with the NFL Players Choir.
3:00 | 01/30/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Patti LaBelle on Headlining the Super Bowl Gospel Celebration
A many visiting with miss Patti right now. Grammy winner, author, actress, domestic darling, Patti Labelle has so much going on these days. What, with a music and domestic empire to run but she stopped in on her way to Madison square garden because she's once again headlining the 15th annual super bowl gospel celebration tomorrow night and we are so excited to have you and the fellas here. This is something that you really enjoy doing. I enjoy it so much. This is I've been doing it for 52 year, just singing, girl. This Mike or this one. You can use this one. I've been singing for 52 years and I just -- I'm blessed. I'm blessed. And you share that blessing with so many of us and you've got -- tell us, what is it Ke -- look at these big fellows. Former and current NFL players like this. I know. I feel like I feel like a quarterback. What's a quarterback? Are y'all teaching her a little bit? We'll have to after this. But they have voices. They can sing. I know. These men sing well. And I'm so pleased to be singing with them today and tomorrow night. They're going to be singing with Donnie Mcclurkin, Mary Mary, Tamela Mann, Candace glover, oh -- So many. So many, so many. And you have some jazz that you're working on, a new album. I have a new album coming out this year. It's all old covers, jazz music and I have Patti's -- oh, you know about my Patti's -- Yeah. All of my sauces, marinade, hot sauces for the super bowl parties, you can do your Turkey meatballs. You could use it for Buffalo wings, you can use it for your shrimp and for macaroni and cheese if you like. Just anything. It's fabulous, darling. I know. Someone told me to get your cornbread recipe. They tweeted that. She can burn and she can sing. So can you, gentlemen. Just a reminder, the 15th annual gospel super bowl celebration tomorrow night. We'd like to thank, wist. Thank you, Swiss. You know who you are. So many to thank. Madison square garden tomorrow night.

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{"id":22296304,"title":"Patti LaBelle on Headlining the Super Bowl Gospel Celebration","duration":"3:00","description":"The gospel super star talks about performing with the NFL Players Choir.","url":"/GMA/video/super-bowl-2014-patti-labelle-headlines-22296304","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}