GMA LIVE (1.29.14)

John Stage founder of 'Dinosaur Bar-B-Que' brings brisket sliders and ribs to our Super Bowl feast.
3:00 | 01/29/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (1.29.14)
Get ready for some GMA live. It all starts now. CNN I'm minutes the only folks. -- I mean. I don't know what was supposed to do first when we're gonna go talk to John staged the fountain pen after -- -- is this. Freaking delicious operative. Her job. So Super Bowl week next to me just welcome to the program thank you ginger John John -- his neck of the -- I can't wait to each of Tom. The curious choice for some bringing the Super Bowl here -- but it's here it's -- and a lot of people will be looking for all the different kinds and they can get here and you'll barbecues include making it inroads here. In part because of places like dinosaur. -- what we've been here ten years known. The Amazon New York City has a great barbecue -- there's no doubt about it over the last ten years things have really. Stuff that you want to work. All left to right here then I mean I'm -- will potato salad. Yes had to sell and we get our barbecue beings of course our rooms and this is our -- slider with him off pickled onion and -- -- OK can we let's talk about the -- there is. Is there a little bit of a there's a hint of a fight in there yes there is a big bite there what is not what it's a little on little -- gets some Italian sausage. -- -- paprika smoke a preview we get some -- -- and delicious. When it comes to reds in the art and have to fit a certain -- that I have to be -- -- put the power that that but that's a bit in new York and we can do whatever we want. Respect -- tradition but then put a little spin on things. Tips for barbecuing especially in this sort of weather outdoors and that it will be -- to tell eating at the stadium itself but a lot of people are going to be looking to recreate this experience for their central part of -- -- but let's face it. As -- you all those half the country is. In the Arctic and -- you don't you can do if you don't wanna go outside you can approximately barbecue. In the of the just have just cook give 250 degrees nice long low and slow and at the end. But on the broiler increasing can -- -- -- your list is a smoke. But you can get the tenderness and you can get the what flavor. You're just not -- smoke what do you do simple Simon you know we my dance -- is -- -- Between we got something going on -- stadium that's what we're serving at the state -- and and then the restaurants -- going to be. Ultimately -- well received primitive president locations Harlem Brooklyn. And Newark. We also have Stamford and an upstate New York. We're opening -- from buffalo the originals and Syracuse Rochester Troy -- wrote about. John -- is thank you very much. General and added it's -- immediately and perhaps our lovely studio audience and just a -- new -- that. Welcome guys hello how are. His name. -- while she's -- how cold does it out there -- I mean it's. You'll forgive me for the most obvious observation of all time it is -- ridiculously. It's typical I mean honestly -- and look here's that somebody who's covered every Super Bowl since 2000. This is that it's such a great day -- watched this scheme if nothing else every year being casual football fan I love this. And I loved it my home my home region. We did not need to do. We didn't -- -- lock you Jackson thing. We'll be lucky because it's going to be thirty degrees with the possible wintry mix and light winds and windchill windchill that would make it feel like -- networks to now where it's at the end of the game and I realized people say well hey what if it would have been in Atlanta habitat and Atlanta right now and admittedly and -- Actually 2000 it's kinda what happens Dallas it was frozen over but you know we have other places where there's never. It's a magical place called San Diego -- callous and yeah. -- -- -- -- France and about Traci in the control room. I am not -- -- also rational and then the only current sorry you do know what it's never gonna happen in San Diego. So now I'm never ever ever going to get even if it has its -- with a -- hasn't -- -- I don't believe that it never had now. Not that that's not that weren't looking so -- we left on it up to the minute. It's like what what are your models show the only thing I think it's going to be an issue -- winds. I think at the beginning of the game the storm that bring the rain in the early snow early early morning Saturday or Sunday morning that's dried out. But the wind behind it is going to be -- -- -- but because I knew we had Eli Manning on the big show a man obviously plays in the stadium would be times. The wind in the new stadium not as bad I mean it's in the mislead. In part to throw the ball in that stadium. What kind of wind are we talking about north winds fifteen to twenty -- to 25 and when has talking not about the the F and they just keep saying that is the fact that the thing that's nobody cares how cold it's gonna -- he wound. One game what I can coming from Denver -- -- -- and cold. Before but -- that win will wreak Havoc. Follow good football on the elements that's off you know I had about I had some elements to talk about. And I thought this is really cute because people -- sell many great photos and so many scary ones from the south from all that. But look at the tool that Stephanie Wyman in Virginia Beach her son used they don't have a shovel prey course and so he's got a break. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Which could -- I mean municipalities. No snow while I don't. Know him. Salt ice machine nothing they have no tool against -- and then what happens and what happened in Atlanta it's 2.3 inches of snow. Laughable to the rest of the country but that's because we put -- found his audience -- seconds. This is not laughable because all the cars wash it down it stays cold and then it becomes -- it freezes past Dave so you know we saw Matt Gutman. Who was doing this like post apocalyptic hit Good Morning America today it's like you know after some it would look like twenty days later -- it's an EUS senate. Graveyard of cars out front. What is what so what's today Wednesday thousands of people try to go back to their cars to try to drive themselves like what's. I think and that's the problem they still have a winter storm warning in there only because there's not more precipitation -- -- now. It's because it's so cold -- it's not going announced that today they will just get to freezing if that later this afternoon. It est sub freezing until tomorrow I don't think things didn't go back to -- considering when he decided on the program and where we are now you're sure this isn't just your fault you have this -- Oh my god I can't honestly I was. Every single day in the White -- -- sad to lose how can I be on and they haven't. -- little. It has been there were always. All right well clearly history making -- and we're not -- touching on the last weekend there are. Horrible headlines -- awareness where they like is no rain tonight thankfully northern California's gonna get like this man. I'm sorry this morning comes -- so I don't like to look back are out here and Jimmy glad we like to focus them. And that would like to go on to -- -- a play of the day being the graduate. -- -- Doing -- up -- -- -- this was very unlikely they showed you that the meaningful rally got that new red with a hat and that the morning team started us all out. But that's for -- hat. And even with people. There's people put the somebody -- -- Graham with the. -- Obviously he wore that happy oversized patent and it turns out that he along with Daft Punk. One -- slew. Of awards avoid -- we get to see that. But it if it -- his feet and said congratulations to you. And your head and others award but of course it in true form of a mean I mean gets repeated -- people so we had a tweet from the knicks underscore pants during the stated that his last night after. There was so -- similar Daft Punk was. -- last longer the president wrapped in the now infamous pat. -- and Boehner -- the Daft Punk robots of course. Traci complete -- -- wind screen grabs of the vice president. At the other point in the state of the union when somebody made a funny -- and he just couldn't help themselves I mean honestly length. -- the morning mean and he joined us. This morning with George sat down with the -- and the speech in the response to it and so -- -- we have a one VP of parents per show rule but. Joseph Biden like two thirds of the way to the speech. Thank you like -- -- Obama -- -- of these -- have backpack like Joseph Biden is like back here for thought here in our back door like you know. Like Waldorf and the other judge from the Muppets -- yeah. In other kind of crank case and other friends that you're literally you've just made it. You made a great point that sort of demanded by Carter could -- And all of a sudden -- look like look at -- somebody's like. -- -- -- -- I'm tried like they would they would go to the whole stay at Mike who's he talking with somebody the first and second Russell -- -- like instantly. Ruth Bader Ginsburg I see -- -- I see your -- -- Supreme Court and can I see. And I mean how and why it's -- -- -- Keep flapping heat is -- that it's -- that I mean you know regardless of your politics it is quite entertaining you know. Crafts. We're talking got it. But leave it didn't make -- -- -- I was I was there. You know what -- it's that we were a viral for a viral world right now we haven't played today. -- -- I thought of as the quality of life you know ever need you need to find in the mind. Home had. So this is a wildlife park it's Kruger National Park actually in South Africa. What are you doing playing with -- we wouldn't want you. If you wouldn't why -- -- -- in June 2 could be really wanted to but why did so close in the first place. You want to think you I'm not when I'm writing but right Gumbel at Disneyland -- -- let's get my hands and had me. I mean it's crazy and they just walk away. And upgrade to this reminds -- This -- Serena comes home. They're learning about animals in kindergarten to -- yesterday. Very proud -- she's very much a feminist she's really girl power. She'll like -- watch sports on TV if it's like. You know the girls are playing a shell of what they'll Wear the girls -- it's not -- night -- you know answers. Because we're. You know they're reacting to fix so she -- -- she -- -- data when he -- him. We learned all about -- might -- daddy do you know what. You know that believe the girl lives on -- I was aware of that yes she's been she literally game is it like you're welcome. Gold -- all -- lazy man -- -- without that the king of the jungle wouldn't be yeah -- -- so let's get so really that was just about that was a show. That -- that that -- -- music that's you know I can't wait for -- to get this is what they pay for this is this is this is this is it. They don't think our -- by the way about it I'm good -- began. -- -- -- -- Yeah. Studio audience are you know when you get -- would I get those unbelievable brisket sliders that. Speaking is gonna pass -- -- this moment you have him to thank for it because. And thank you to John -- store yeah are -- -- it's so awesome and -- job in fact it's because. The first David he was new here on the game the team that did not feed us and we were like those man lions. -- -- -- Through this it's never sends Tom I want you can count on food edged up every day a volume and -- from now I would love it haven't looked bad but -- It's it's. Hello Arthur -- got only about today. Well I'll what are what are we actually intends. -- GoDaddy has the other wild visitor more wild visitor is -- checking -- this very Scandinavian sounding place didn't look. Fewer -- -- -- heard the ordinance beats but wait up above Norway that fishermen were greeted by sealed and tries to get onboard their thingy. This -- wildlife. Frightens me so much but anyway that he took his video Burton dead and said that -- normally like to rest on ice flows but if there ever any eyes they -- -- -- The planes around or fun to hang out itself. So he's tired of chameleon like he's kind of want to follow -- Yeah it's like he's it's easy caring for and it's like he's a water based mammal. And -- wait a second helping. That I think about it just leaving a look at very -- -- -- he's come out but he's you know he's he's looking for a handout picture. That's mapping of that was in South Africa it would have been driving the -- -- -- -- I can't believe that ridiculous tourist roll the window down and bombed out the window. I mean he leads which body part -- you sacrificing right there like black lake. You don't need the arm is that it -- knowing it. I it's probably him -- we cotta frieze. We kind of praise. Traci. He -- may have lost -- pace we're gonna. They didn't ask about yeah. I -- -- by the way he traced icu. Now -- -- -- brows had no let me see you now because that's my cameras our gains today. They've taken nearly that I just -- check in with you in -- -- little with the little one all of the little funny that you can't get out there little went into Canada am eighteen and a half weeks. -- -- -- If even though she won't shot herself now even -- she looks a lot more like -- else that I had died she is beautiful and bouncing a gigantic. Yeah -- that -- -- PK KG of John seriously dinosaur. Didn't know you in Stamford Connecticut as a Connecticut terrorist. I'll take the drugs the united friends. Thank you all -- he will be out there at the Super Bowl. Still alive -- breeze -- five it's your ball -- I'm get -- blame you. That's it -- and tomorrow we'll see. And what --

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