Super Bowl Sunday Snack Ideas

The creators of "Dream Dinners" share some of their favorite game day treats.
3:00 | 01/28/14

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Transcript for Super Bowl Sunday Snack Ideas
We do want to talk about more food because a Super Bowl just days away and -- here throwing a party. Are thinking about one now's the time to start but a real emotion maybe it's even night that we -- -- -- Stephanie Allen and -- now we have a question for you and that could not. Connect Kahuna could be independent over here -- thought that was -- -- hasn't spelled with an end but we -- just come over you all do something called. That dream dinners yet and I love this because it is for people who need help. -- right in the family is median home cooked dinner so weak provide -- ingredients fresh and chocolate ready. They get into our stores or some other dinners take them home in about an hour they can make twelve family -- dinners. T comes midnight sun a night like Super Bowl this right is perfect explain again thank you go you have to go to the store. You -- to our stores and take out the menu we have a menus and everything's. If you don't like something you leave it out if you love garlic add extra garlic and making yourself now it's -- -- decide what to do. Well what we did for the Super Bowl party is we took some of our favorite dinners and paired them down so here is our old fashioned meat -- and twice baked potatoes. Instead of the meat loaf pan. We just made little ball sized meat meatballs. And pretty friendly that finally here than a big dinner that you can't make it -- by making a smaller portion. Rash -- -- -- fire right now yeah there -- wasted no question now and they kids can get involved that. Kids were lending he had really -- in my office and we follow that yeah. Yeah. It's come into it. It didn't the -- the pared down but then -- that we have here we'll -- having their allied chickens fighters are really members telling you -- you can take any dinner roll -- and put some -- -- -- -- -- she is maybe a Little -- did some fried onions. And some little thanks fast with Maine is -- that -- -- up -- -- out hot spots student and made out like chickens fires -- indicate that home with little full of any minerals. And Eagles lost their little snow and -- he kicked ahead here on game day. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You can take any flank steak marinated in your favorite sauce -- -- the night before. And then headed in the refrigerator hold that an -- today the next day bring it out slice it up and you can cut its Eric -- -- It's so this is ready you don't have to you don't want -- slave in the kitchen -- Yeah unless of course because its counterparty and you're in the original meaning it's enjoying county engineer that's the last thing apple cup -- Let's see what we have some Canadians -- spread. And and you could rescue me -- that she could get anything in here any panic favorite pizza topping you know put -- innocent teens since last. They can't and -- it happened like when he slices so it's Rosemont and insists its -- about that frozen pizzas right. On this is and for busy lifestyles I'm looking helmet and I'm sure you RTG a week we travel all the time is -- me ask your your product -- your -- would be right that right hand that day -- exactly an easy fashion sits right there -- -- flat. And and then finally. Well what we -- -- taken our beat street -- -- and we turned into like a death and set up over pasta and means immigrant justice would be served with. He sat over cost debt they hear her support already given to cook up -- -- cooks so quick and so easy getting it out in the refrigerator -- film. He kept -- -- and you've got a great order. And insurance camping that's already classic Friday night literally at the -- go wrong with that deconstruct and that's -- -- and that's why a lot of -- happens yeah. I feel very intelligent not really. But we do want to say thank you so much anywhere quickly -- you. And they're -- come. Midnight news stories across the United States and help -- that -- began late. The -- -- GO we're gonna have six trapped. Leon Katz during the next -- and handling. I don't know where we're not like I'm Michael and I hope I'm glad I got it was right here I want to -- right here. If you sit there and I didn't add any parties see me this is -- -- a movie a lot of parties and the kids. -- -- Does not add -- yeah. Yeah mountains we have the -- males wearing the broncos' colors you Larry that can't leave the running game right yeah you know Christina didn't include -- yes. And then also we've got Stephanie Allen thank you so bad games yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

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{"id":22264792,"title":"Super Bowl Sunday Snack Ideas","duration":"3:00","description":"The creators of \"Dream Dinners\" share some of their favorite game day treats.","url":"/GMA/video/super-bowl-sunday-snack-ideas-22264792","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}