Super Savers' Tips to Free You From Debt

Three budgeting experts compete to save the most on groceries, travel and clothing.
5:42 | 01/25/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Super Savers' Tips to Free You From Debt
All right, we're back now with super savers stadium. Look at this, with the biggest names in bar gains showing us how to save. Our experts are going head to head competing live in just a moment. But Rebecca Jarvis has more on how to make the most of money. Reporter: Ever wonder what a shark would say the best way to build wealth right now? Ask shark Kevin o'leary and he'll tell you. Saving money is the key to long-term success. Save all my napkins when I went to the fast-food restaurant so I didn't have to buy them. Debt a killer. Reporter: 1 in 3 American households live paycheck to paycheck with the average home carrying $130,000 in debt. Tiffany, otherwise known as the budgetnista, begun her climb out of debt when she had no job. The key says tiffany to getting rid of that $300,000 in debt was cutting back on housing costs. First, moving in with her parents and then friends she also used the website magnify money, to transfer her existing card balances that involved no fees. That enabled her to pay down her credit card debt considerably faster. She's the owner of a financial advising business. And using savings to travel the world. If I can do and dig my way out, honestly, anyone can do it. Reporter: For "Good morning America," Rebecca Jarvis, ABC news, New York. Thank you, Rebecca. Joining you now three super saver all-stars. We have the crazy cue pan lady. Next up, mark, consumer reporter and author of bargain fever and personal finance expert, the money coach. Welcome to everyone. In each round, we're going to spin for a category. The person with the biggest percentage in savings wins that round. Today's part one of a two-day competition. Let's get started by spinning the wheel. And there it goes. All right, our first category is -- groceries. Joannie, tell us what your secret is for saving on food. All right, here it is. Buy your snacks online at, a new retailer aiming to take a bite out of Amazon business. I bought five megasize boxes of individually packaged snacks, they would have cost me $150 at my supermarket. At jet domestic come prices, I paid only $59.46, that's a 60% savings. All right. Okay, mark, you're up next. Turn your smartphone into an instant coupon clipper, using an app like push pins. It will find teedeals for you. I looked at three kids' staples. I paid $11.56. 24% savings. And Lynette, take it away. Buy your diary items from the drugstore rather than the grocery store. You know, drugstores often put eggs on sale to get customers in the door. If you buy a gallon of milk, cheese and ice cream, it's going to cost you nationwide 8.19. On sale at the drugstore, it's only $4. A savings of 51%. Very nice. I'm impressed these stats you're all memorizing. The second wheel spinning here. Spin, wheel. Is it spinning? There it goes. The next category is vacation. All right. Mark, lead us off. My tip on vacations, spend less on a hotel? Head to a big box store, costco Se send. That's 20% off. All right, very nice. Okay, Lynette. Boor a hotel room with confidence. Even if the price drops later you're covered and protected. Use a website called tingo, they'll give you a refund if the price drops any time before you stay. If you're going to spend $100 a night at a hotel, for two nice, $200 total, the average refund on tingo is going to bring your cost down to $132. That's a savings of 34%. Very nice. All right, Joannie. If you want a cheap vacation especially in the spring or summer, book a repositioning cruise. Some of ships change locations attend of the season. Alaska cruise normally you cost $534 a night. When it repositions at the beginning of Mexico travel season, you can get it for $83. A savings of 39%. That's Joannie, mark and Lynette. The end of today's competition. Joannie's in the lead so far. Tune in tomorrow to get more savings secret and see who will be crowned super saver. Thank you for being with us and

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{"duration":"5:42","description":"Three budgeting experts compete to save the most on groceries, travel and clothing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"36499680","title":"Super Savers' Tips to Free You From Debt","url":"/GMA/video/super-savers-tips-free-debt-36499680"}