Superfans Amy Poehler and Adam Scott Were There for the 'Hart to Hart' Reunion

The "Parks and Recreation" stars reminisce with Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers about the show.
3:54 | 10/17/13

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Transcript for Superfans Amy Poehler and Adam Scott Were There for the 'Hart to Hart' Reunion
This is reunion week. We have to get to -- "gma" reunion week. We have to get to all of the stars of your favorite tv shows and get them together as part of the magazine's reunion issue. This morning, it's "heart to heart." Amy poehler and adam scott sat down with them to get all of the scoop. This is my boss, jonathan heart. A self-made millionaire. He's quite a guy. Reporter: It was the show where a dashing bachelor meets up with a brainy beauty. This is mrs. H. She's gorgeous. What a terrific lady. Reporter: Where a ceo falls for a freelance journalist. The passion-packed seasons, the head over heels in love globetrotters of "heart to heart" spent their spare times solving crimes. You would be a natural for "the gong show." Reporter: Fans amy poehler and adam scott, sat down and reuniting the power couple for "entertainment weekly's" reunion issue. You act like you're married. In a nice way. Is it nice to be married on tv but not in real life? You know, it's great to be married, if it works. Uh-huh. We never got into any domestic squabbles. They constantly wanted to have conflict between us. And we fought very hard for that. Two people who were adults who had in love with each other and had chosen to be together and were there because of free will. He said it was so easy, a child could do it. Maybe we should send out for a child. We re-enacted the opening credit of "heart to heart." We've been studying your work recently, very closely. This is mrs. H. She's gorgeous. We decided that you were great friends in real life. We had so much joy, that they came down, the front office, saying we don't want them to be together anymore. We would laugh. We would get tired. And we would start laughing at each other. And they said we have to separate them. You know something? What? I know barry has a great reputation. But I love it when you do your own hair. Mrs. Heart has a real intimate relationship with her hair. She has the -- this hair is an amazing thing. Never had a hairdresser. Are you kidding? I never had a dinner. You had such chemistry on "heart to heart." Can you tell us how and when you first met. "West side story." I was a jet. And we were rehearsing. And one day, on walks the two most beautiful people in the world. Real movie stars. Robert wagner and natalie wood. You did eight reunion movies. And the last one was 17 years ago. You think there's any chance of another one? Is there a chance for another one? Yeah. Well, you got the money? Don't you think this is carrying togetherness a little too far. The questions that adam and i both want to ask, is can you have us over for din center can we all go to dinner? Sure. Aren't you afraid? Everyone to came tdinner with us, they usually got killed. You're right. "Heart to heart" always did -- THE '70s LOVE. I love seeing them together again. They're so glamorous, even today. Love that hair. Yeah. Her hair is something.

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{"duration":"3:54","description":"The \"Parks and Recreation\" stars reminisce with Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers about the show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20596334","title":"Superfans Amy Poehler and Adam Scott Were There for the 'Hart to Hart' Reunion","url":"/GMA/video/superfans-amy-poehler-adam-scott-hart-hart-reunion-20596334"}