The Supernanny's Amazingly Simple Solution to Tantrums

Jo Frost on the three steps all parents should take with toddlers having a meltdown.
3:00 | 03/04/14

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Transcript for The Supernanny's Amazingly Simple Solution to Tantrums
To what need to -- this -- and one to -- -- to television and muscle that an aunt croft had tied the -- rounds. Because -- found me. Couldn't control their child whilst they were happy and attempt tension and -- -- become to back. Critics estimate where at cross Italian around airplanes. Because children -- happy -- towns and ended its attention is an opportunity for a family to. And connects with that child to finds that -- the property -- -- you -- your actions say temper tantrums or health. Yet they because it is opportunities to know -- and and to identify. Lost you know why the child is happy and -- around. -- from my experience now just 25 musical -- families and reunited loaded up my sleeves and getting them that. Africanized there are three types of -- detention. Assault -- to to educate parents on just apple label because if you understand what Leon that you congress. On -- -- -- -- what are the top three reasons that that figure them. Children will be -- and well as if to get an -- diet. Particular that they met a Waltz cycle that -- country. United so if a child and adds that if they bee -- -- cents a -- -- some ability. You keeping -- and hot. The -- -- behavior for the next premise of something house they want in your reinforcing patients seeking behavior threats and then the second is a situation no. 101010. Say perhaps -- some light I took about when parents take -- to the pop. Then it's the children don't want to leave and so they create because they don't believe the pop. -- space parents in tasting perhaps speaking caucus breaking down the time they had to last. How they stipulate to meet expectations before they went how they've kept their promise may be the times they said they -- -- -- and -- -- -- will be in that situation united. And of course the -- -- is the emotional. Meltdown because that really is attached to emotionally how children fail. -- NG to perhaps this transition of columns double. And you addition to the family -- And perhaps death -- to Fultz. And so if we want to stands our children back so when they LP hate being. In this fashion which is communicates -- -- are not that as parents we know how to respond to our children adequately. To eliminate this -- tensions net assets to. I believe we can nets like children and really understands and the speaking clock they just be an apple to keep your child's the wind down time -- -- -- out to make that transition. You know some children -- accept I -- very. Not easy -- and it's had a much Hank never gonna. About ten minutes without coats on -- off week and then -- -- children have more stronger whales and stronger temperaments. -- feisty. And begging me I need to know what's coming next you have to keep -- informed so that they. Make that transition. And an abysmal -- it in so many of the chapters that I was reading through yes it. The SOS. Yes. It's since been. But you're not -- Take that step back and -- -- -- and you see -- what with hundreds of Japanese. -- to step back and house -- to slightly to tax from the situation because we get so emotionally leads in all good to. -- that we are emotionally involved. When it's the right way in you know when we're playing in them a way of reality and throw it in in the on the happy. But in -- to stockpile cells from in Iraq -- promotion and that tornado that happens when everything. Is pandemonium. We have to slightly -- And be -- -- take a step back allows us to and asked them are able to see the big picture right to see all the -- are able to see the whole pitch. So when we concede that we -- -- stack -- can be very decisive be more -- to and to make decisions. Ultimately it will results. Whatever the issues in the -- place.

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{"id":22768220,"title":"The Supernanny's Amazingly Simple Solution to Tantrums","duration":"3:00","description":"Jo Frost on the three steps all parents should take with toddlers having a meltdown.","url":"/GMA/video/supernannys-amazingly-simple-solution-tantrums-22768220","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}