Superstorm Sandy: Freezing Temperatures in Storm Zone

There is a potential public-health crisis as thousands are without heat or power.
3:00 | 11/05/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Superstorm Sandy: Freezing Temperatures in Storm Zone
beginning at 7:00 eastern. Getting back to that hurricane coverage, our situation is dire for so many people in communities shattered by hurricane sandy, including those who spent yet another night without power as temperatures dropped. Abc's dan harris joins us from new york's staten island, which is one of the areast was hardest hit. Dan, good morning to you. Reporter: Elizabeth, good morning. Take a look at the thermometer, just north of 40 degrees. And the sun has just come up. This is one sign that we may be on the cusp of a major public health crisis out here. We've got tens of thousands of people who still don't have power and heat. Just as the nights are getting longer and colder. One week after the storm, and entire families huddling around fires to keep warm. The mayor of new york urging people to move into shelters but many don't want to abandon their homes to looters. You can die from being cold. You can die from fires started when you use candles or stoves. Reporter: Staten island, normally a cozy suburban enclave, near a bottomless well of need. We need paper towels, glove, garbage bags, anything to help these people klein their homes. I think we can make it through the winter even. As long as they free up the gasoline and keep our generators going. We need help. People to come and donate their time. Anything that's possible. Reporter: This morning, to areas hit by sandy, 1.7 million still don't have power. The hardest hit area, jersey shore, staten island and the rockaways this weekend where they gave the mayor an ear full. . We can't even get a bottle of water, hot chocolate. We're trying to do it as fast as we can. Reporter: And now a long-term problem, what to do with all the people who need housing. We're going to have tens of thousands of people who need housing is solutions right away. Reporter: There are some bright spots, the commuter rails are up and running and most of the new york schools are reopening. There may be some bright spots, yes, but a lot of people out here keep telling us they feel like they are living in the dark ages.

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{"id":17641562,"title":"Superstorm Sandy: Freezing Temperatures in Storm Zone","duration":"3:00","description":"There is a potential public-health crisis as thousands are without heat or power.","url":"/GMA/video/superstorm-sandy-freezing-temperatures-storm-zone-17641562","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}