Man Stages Musical Airport Proposal

Austin Dyche surprised his girlfriend Malia with a chorus of friends singing song he wrote for her.
3:00 | 02/12/14

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Transcript for Man Stages Musical Airport Proposal
About Wednesday just a couple of days away and of course the proposals are kicking into high gear -- one that looks like something straight out of a movie. -- she's getting -- -- -- -- nursing lands at the airport in Los Angeles her boyfriend Austin. Behind the whole thing staging -- the elaborate proposal helped the talented musician friends -- here she is she comes out his mother's musician friends. He is singing one of the six songs that often has written probably over the -- -- wanna happier relationship. A portion of each song being sung by -- of his friends here and the makeup -- in the direction where she's got. Max then he had Austin. -- -- -- -- But -- -- -- -- how long distance relationship we're told roughly half of the morning happier to see she walked that airport a few times 200. And this often. What -- ham hot and yes. Now -- of the new -- this is a new song me and you know has written perhaps I'm my cast. And down and one needs a point -- -- this isn't it a lot happening to us. And -- -- I'm thinking hearts and and -- -- So he hasn't. They hadn't done enough dancing. -- That -- happen. They don't have to -- that would. He don't know Miliband. I know I'm not mean that you got that I love you. I'm against Newbury Street -- -- Lindy little kid -- and yet they yet I don't know we got yesterday. Fabulous. Turning out about this morning knowing -- what's going to see. Two carat diamond ring intelligence that would you -- that's -- kind of engagement for I have to say I have to say no to them. Could be Atlanta enough with the cameras on you know anything in fact. Ecstasy.

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{"id":22479002,"title":"Man Stages Musical Airport Proposal","duration":"3:00","description":"Austin Dyche surprised his girlfriend Malia with a chorus of friends singing song he wrote for her.","url":"/GMA/video/surprise-proposal-video-musician-austin-dyche-stages-musical-22479002","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}