Survey Says Plastic Surgeries on Rise Thanks to 'Selfies'

Dan Abrams gives his take, and asks for yours on some the top trending stories.
3:00 | 03/26/14

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Transcript for Survey Says Plastic Surgeries on Rise Thanks to 'Selfies'
But you're back as we are with "The jury's out." First up -- Music? Every week I get something additional. A graphic one week, some music the next. A selfie today. The budget explains the time machine. A survey from the American academy of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery finds nose jobs and other surgeries are on the rise. They say thanks to selfies. Yes, one in three surgeons surveyed said they saw an increase in surgery requests based on the way people felt they looked on social media. And yet when I heard this story I tout to myself, what, mirrors are new? Photographs are new? Is this novel? A mirror is fleeting. A picture is lasting. Social media. And, you know, we talked about this because it got bumped from it last time. I've seen myself like I just took -- with Adam who was here took a selfie with him. You do look at yourself -- I don't think it's going to lead to me wanting to have anything done but you do look at yourself closely. Because I feel like it's really helpful. I will say to somebody I'm facetyping with my daughter on vacation. When you look at yourself -- I mean it might be -- the technology here, like, whoa. I am so heinous on facetime. I mean -- I feel like my nose is poking through the screen. Where are we? Where is the jury on this? The jury says I'm not buying that these plastic surgeons are right that it's all about the selfie. Robin, you seem to think it is. I think it's probably -- More Aw technology. Kathy Wagner says "I think a picture pointing up your nose is going to make it look bigger so they just need to raise their arms quote. Corrine "Greedy surgeons". A third of teens say they never text and driver according to liberty mutual but make an exception for texting at a stop sign or red light. A piece in "The New York times" argue that's a problem, quote, no matter how I do it, the text or e-mail has distracting properties. I know this isn't going to be that popular but I do think that when you're stopped, if you're stopped at a red light or you're stopped -- I'm not saying you should go about texting but isn't there some difference? It's legal in the state of fork to do it. I went along with the state -- they're trying to change it and some states it's illegal. Some it is legal. Habits are habits and that's when you start and look and it turns green and sort of start -- Someone could be walking across. I want phones that shut down when the car starts. I agree. It's still a distraction. It's serious stuff but it does seem -- I sort of agree though with what shelly says "It's just as distracting as eating, fiddling with the radio, changing the song on your iPod or how about just having a conversation with the other people in the car." Brittany green "It's not okay to talk or text while driving no matter if you're moving or stopped." I agree. 10 and 2:00. Darn it. 10:00 and 22:00. I got lit up last time -- I think it's here. I use my knee. Like 5:30 and 11:15. Thank you there. That's it? Yeah. The jury's in. So many other things to talk

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Dan Abrams gives his take, and asks for yours on some the top trending stories.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23063145","title":"Survey Says Plastic Surgeries on Rise Thanks to 'Selfies'","url":"/GMA/video/survey-plastic-surgeries-rise-selfies-23063145"}