Survey Reveals Time Spent Choosing What to Stream

A new survey by Rovi found users spend 19 minutes daily choosing which movie or show to stream online.
10:16 | 10/07/16

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Transcript for Survey Reveals Time Spent Choosing What to Stream
At just doesn't. The its retail mind not easy act. I'm not really. You don't have kidnap me right. Just got tougher times if I know my money. I'm quiet street it's Harry Harlow combo. Yes we shouldn't amien I've been talking about something people with a lot of time mom without even knowing about it right I'm I would have to say something that I do I'm going to be full disclosure here how many of you have wasted the entire night like I have. Just watching trailers and never actually picking a movie you're sure you're gonna watch. My kids will say mom you've watched that trailer like three. My heart out exactly app is who were all sitting on the couch in the girls who go through 789. Travelers is that just picket. A cable they're not alone I'm not alone according to a new study this is hilarious. We spend nineteen minutes watching trailers before we actually pick something and if you look at that in its entirety how much time we're wasting until actually just watching trailers. I'm an American but always been 24 minutes that was just a global thing but that adds up to six days a year every single AJ Morris show I watch it. I'm more focused on my eyes I sort of turning on knowing there's something I want a lot to get right to. But sometimes you don't know why I'm guilty of that look at it trailers and how much. Part of it I'm going yes this is the one of them a single mom on Matt yeah. Yeah you did this the 24 minutes out averaged by the time because the commercial let him everything they sold them like. Twentysomething men that I loved it when I'm saying is I actually been so much time doing it attachment data that I can't even pick the movie we get a table divide your exemplary typically death. I don't think picket know what eagle street yeah and stick you on your program our eyes and behavior mod here. Pat yeah I don't know. Us to talk to you guys got the word fiance. When what's your feeling on it to you like the word does that bother you don't. NB a little pompous I was like you can't run it like final say this is my fiancee what I'm. I can usually beyoncé music feels yeah. He'll say he found what a lot of people. Caller say New York Times article. Is as saying that there are many many people in this generation are less concerned with labels and in fact consider the word to be exactly dot com best. And so. They're suggesting a new label is needed and the ending was a lot of wondering what would you know I am gonna marry yet or the partner or hurt or perhaps yeah I just a description misses a man. I lover this is the woman that I loved him back in America. Yeah I I would agree with I know I don't know why but they're but apparently sort of the millennial generation I think it's bragging lately it's bragged he it's that I density money. As my dude. And what the Pope to say what at what the word in my Latin what's another word isn't. But my but Schroeder Bentley was more popular. Or who do. No words are needed a that's my lover can somebody I don't get is that lover all the again you might not be getting married but hey how this is breaking his and you. Maybe this is a status thing you know sometimes the people like look at my ring this is my fiance. It all sounds so important I don't know I was getting that this article does say is please don't say look at my rang my that that that is part of what explanation. Just does not like it's a you know they're they're more of an understated. I saw one where they said just don't complain about how happy designer but I'll look at yeah Johnson Harry good tip. Meditate in here commanders and our advice to men from Georgia night as we think the same you're always a problem. Yeah. Like if you know him or didn't. Aides to this year's wit do you think you introduce Eric you better safe fiance via. Michael why did he gave nominal. A lot more troublesome. This is that element of have seen it. It's definitely a better way I think beyoncé current and if someone else that elevated level they're so talented and this is not bring being fine I'll bring in someone to the table OK this is not give someone this is everybody this is the start a pitch perfect. Actors in singing sensation Anna Kendrick at. The guys. Okay. I'm. Makes the news. Well I feel like and this just again the new word her fiance is a guy am currently test driving. We have weeds that are separate. The official political official even said I'm reading off a cart and the fact that we don't. Wouldn't bat. If they units in the new movie the accountant and you play yet the great movie about a crusaders. Sun screen like I did but it is they you put an accountant in the movie. When your mom I'm and even. She I send her the script which is like. That's frowned upon but a feminist particularly you have to explain all of this to me she's got math wind and she's you know been working an account for. Her whole life that should explain like all of financial aspects of it could hit like it's really kind of a puzzle and you don't have to like the amount with a ball that many but since I was saying aligns it figured I kind of know what belonging to help and a second Madonna has like that's gone perhaps. I but she also exciting because she you know there's all these like you know jokes about how accounts are boring and so she was like. Yeah because that's sexy at night and like injury he get a life. Now fight aids and it's very exciting and I guess that's that's a list includes in my county. I don't believe it's in the movie you're at your character's dad inspired her to be a an accountant pocket protector in all we're good pick. We'll look at a clip. That's a nice time I mean his was thirteen cents. Here's his nice. And became anti go into the field that I wanted to study art at the arrogance is in Chicago that. Part doesn't even more and you are in the morning young lady. Dad tastes ran more and dogs playing poker. Doug. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Furious movie it's like there's action and then there's all the comment. And then of course like coming and I just can't help but he liked him he really derby and upward the if I'm parts plant. So much fun machines sell like she sell Altman and she wants to connect sell much and she's really bad at it and the band is playing someone who on the often inspect government he wants to connect continue. And like their bodies just kind like how late I Philip you don't like me and like it's that you weren't even before I met him here's not a party had to explain what a Jonas Brothers was. And then we ended up doing this movie ever had such a great time although he is. He did tall person he had a large human being I'm still there were definitely scenes where I was like don't stand at me. Again like let's shoot across the ground that have a connection network crossed the ramp up but. He couldn't hear yesterday at the matter of fact he had some nice things to say about art but one thing he did say that you would seem get home around the set all day. He's gonna become song I'm mean I OK you doing it literally like earlier today Stewart Huard to singing of the oh I yeah I guess we do without any reason I don't listen to English words like I don't. We'll get everybody hates me sick time a conversation. I trading and in doing enough being rounded. Went okay things. Thing that's not OK you have. Yeah your first look at the matter of fact called scrappy little nobody. I think. This week. It would to get it it's it's a good read a book you believe it had to describe your book which may be hard to describe your book and three words I'll come. Scrappy. Funny I hope. Speaking of seeing it you've been traveling around with would Justin Timberlake yeah. When you new movie I know that kid will like and it will be like 6 in the morning he's doing like seven note Rex without even noticing public show off whenever. Yeah it here he anybody else. Very little. On the I I think tried to lake where exits did you know I was like Atlanta yet another one of those girls eleven sank. Straight to the Jonas Brothers and we know what this movie is fantastic. I'd say they want I want to see it again it's been an awkward Bill Clinton scene day you you you you are not there as we see awkward at all. Cannot love your description of her fiance I think your body to take to harness. The bully of the at cal. It hit theaters everywhere on October.

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{"duration":"10:16","description":"A new survey by Rovi found users spend 19 minutes daily choosing which movie or show to stream online.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42640604","title":"Survey Reveals Time Spent Choosing What to Stream","url":"/GMA/video/survey-reveals-time-spent-choosing-stream-42640604"}