Suzanne Somers' Age-Defying Secrets

The actress reveals how to look good and feel great in her new book, "I'm Too Young for This."
4:26 | 09/23/13

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Transcript for Suzanne Somers' Age-Defying Secrets
Chatting away with our good friend, sue zam zan somers. Back on "gma" because she's got a new book out, it's called "i'm too young for this." I agree. It's about the process of aging and feeling great. Every time I see you, you have this energy about you. You do feel great. You want to share some of the secrets. I do. The 35 to 50-year-olds are suffering. I'm on the other side of it. Had I known then what I know now about hormone balance and how important it is, I'm going to go online to make a major statement. I don't think that I would have gotten cancer. Had I known. Because women get their cancers during peri menopause. The brain recognizes a reproductive woman by having a hormonal balance. It's a signal. Women are having symptoms of perim perim perimenopause at a young age. Whey do you think that is? Stress, tox icity. A lack of understanding from our doctors. They get about four hours of information. I have spent thousands of hours pip don't know everything but i do know that if a woman between 35 and 50ish reads this, she will totally understand what ever simpymptom means, the language. And maybe how to deal with it? Xhaktly. What hormones are declining. I call the symptoms the seven dwarfs of perimenopause. Itc itchy, bitchy, sleepy, dry -- this book is for you. There you have it. The key, though, the key in understanding is to go toqualified. If you go to your regular doctor, with all due represent who has not chosen to study natural hormone replacement, it's like going to a plumber for a heart bypass. There's a consortium of doctors at foreverhealth.Com. It's a free service for women. They'll route you the a doctor nearest you to help you with The plumber shouldn't do the heart. The plumber should not do the heart bypass. You brought yummy food today. Why is this and why? They asked me what I do eat for breakfast. I'm allergic to eggs. A lot of food allergies. Gluten intolerance. I have to avoid negs the morning. My husband can't have gluten. This is gruten-free flat bread, tomatoes, basil. When you're going through the symptoms, it's important to understand eating real food. If you can pick it, pluck it, milk it or shoot it, you can eat it. Okay. Seems like a lovely note to end on. That t-shirt, I'm out of estrogen and I have a gun. Watch out! This is a great book. I'm really surprised at the anls. 35 to 50. Sometimes shockingly 25. A lot of our viewers, this could really, really help. I want to thank you for my personal copy. I want to save it for another five years when I need it. Wink wink. When you're 30 next year. I miss you in california. Will you come in march for my cuban party. I'm at the cuban party. "I'm too young for this" is in stores tomorrow. You can find her power foods at our website, goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo!. Coming up, a trip down

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{"duration":"4:26","description":"The actress reveals how to look good and feel great in her new book, \"I'm Too Young for This.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20342733","title":"Suzanne Somers' Age-Defying Secrets","url":"/GMA/video/suzanne-somers-age-defying-secrets-20342733"}