Stylish Sweaters for Christmas Canines

"GMA" highlights five of the hottest looks for your fashionable mutt.
2:50 | 12/20/12

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Transcript for Stylish Sweaters for Christmas Canines
handle the rock the holidays doggy christmas sweater faceoff. I think that's the best way to say it. We will have a fashion show and choose a winner right here. Let's begin with mr. Madison, if you will. Mr. Madison, has jingle bell ornaments. A plush jingle bell collar. And an adorable, and versatile, argyle hoodie, please. I love the hoodie. He's a norfolk terrier. I think the hoodie works for me. It looks nice and easy to get on. Warm and easy to get on and off. Thank you, mr. Madison. Next, we are joined by andy, who is sporting a reversible candy cane confection, ladies and gentlemen. Makingoutfit complete, the popular reindeer antlers. I love you, andy. Look at that face. It's okay. It's all right. Very afraid, sam. The reindeer -- the reindeer. Everyone, kind of sweet. Yeah. Okay. Loki is going all-out in his santa oncely, he has paired with a devastatingly handsome -- sandty onesie? I don't know if it's in adultwear. You read my mind. He's an adopted mix breed. Loki, you're gorgeous. Rocking the hat, as well. And charlie. The unicycle-riding charlie. Charlie is decked out in green fleece with a flat fan bow tie collar. Charlie has wardrobe changes. Charlie gets points for being talented, as well. Look at the concentration. In the interview, we'll see. Thank you, charlie. Last but not least, alexander. With a charming santa house. Alexander comes from the -- alexander's adoptable. We hope you find alexander as cute as wewinner? Wait. Hold on. All right. There's a conference. A conference going on. This is all -- there can only be one winner, ladies and gentlemen. Although, they will all get dog treats from the lovely rolling dog treat table. We have a decision. What is it? It's 3-1. George was our alone holdout for somebody else. But we're going with alexander. Alexander. He is the winner of the dog fashion show. And the bone is as large as

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{"id":18025604,"title":"Stylish Sweaters for Christmas Canines","duration":"2:50","description":"\"GMA\" highlights five of the hottest looks for your fashionable mutt.","url":"/GMA/video/sweaters-dogs-christmas-colors-patterns-stylish-canines-18025604","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}