Down Syndrome High School Student Makes Amazing Basketball Plays

Government weights in on issue of equal access to sports for disabled athletes.
2:24 | 01/26/13

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Transcript for Down Syndrome High School Student Makes Amazing Basketball Plays
sports, a possible game-change for schools across the country. We've all been inspired by amazing plays by young athletes overcoming personal odds. The government is weighing in, pushing for students to have equal access to athletics. It's a move that could help disabled students, the way that title ix helped women's sports. Reena ninan has more. Reporter: Title ix advanced equal opportunities for women sports 40 years ago. More women started playing school sports. This latest decision is a similar move. It was the first time owen moved off the bench and on to the field. And then, he did this. Not once. But twice. Scoring two three point shots during a basketball game for his michigan middle school. Owen has down syndrome and a message. On friday, the u.S. Department of education announced that public school districts must bif kids like owen, and other students with disabilities, an equal chance to play in school sports. Once a school has more opportunity, you're going to have more kids participating. Once they see their friends with disabilities participating, they're going to want to participate. Reporter: But critics say creating more sports for the disabled, will require more money. Jeopardizing money for other scholastic and education programs. Arne duncan wrote, they don't have to do anything that would provide a student with a disability an unfair competitive advantage. But they do need to make reasonable modifications. As for owen, his chance on the court landed him espn fame. And he just starts chucking THREES. Reporter: He also received an award from the harlem globetrot globetrotters. Most importantly, his success on the court has given him more confidence off the court. This is about building the character of wen and the characterthe kids here. Reporter: It's still not clear if the new guidelines will extend to college and university sports programs. If a school can't accommodate schools with disabilities, they have to offer a parallel program or exclude from federal funding. We love owen. It is a terrific story. Moving on to what seemed like a match made in political

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{"id":18322439,"title":"Down Syndrome High School Student Makes Amazing Basketball Plays","duration":"2:24","description":"Government weights in on issue of equal access to sports for disabled athletes.","url":"/GMA/video/syndrome-high-school-student-makes-amazing-basketball-plays-18322439","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}