Taco Bell Joins the Fast Food Breakfast Battle

The new breakfast menu challenges the iconic Egg McMuffin with the Waffle Taco.
3:00 | 02/26/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Taco Bell Joins the Fast Food Breakfast Battle
Yeah, it was something. The fast food breakfast battle. Taco bell ready to take on the egg mctoughen and other favorites with its own menu. ABC's aditi Roy has a look. Reporter: Taco bell wants you to make a run for the border for your first meal of the day unwrapping its new breakfast menu seven years in the making, a tortilla filled with eggs and hash browns and the waffle taco, the chain's answer to the egg mcmuffin. We did it in a UK fleekly taco bell way. That's how we think we have a great chance. Reporter: Social media is already buzzing. One customer writing, this must be what heaven looks like. But while these treats look good, how good are they for you? A crunch wrap is between 650 and 690 calories according to taco bell's preliminary counts listed on its website with more than half the calories coming from fat and 1250 milligrams of sodium, more than half the usda's recommended daily allowance of 2300 milligrams for the average adult under 51. The company says they are still tweeting them so additional nutritional information may change by the nationwide rollout. When we developed the products we just used what consumers really wanted. Reporter: There are other more healthful options. Those preliminary coinses one steak and egg burrito has 450 calorie, 960 milligrams of sodium and 24 grabs of protein nearly half of the U.S. Recommended daily allowance. 46 to 56 grams depending on gender. Customers will probably veer towards the more decadent choices. No matter what you 0rd, company executives hope you'll be saying -- For "Good morning America," aditi Roy, San Francisco. Let's bring in Lisa Dreher. Now we all know Lara loves these Hasn't tried the breakfast yet. The question is what about are they healthy or Mott. Clearly taco bell is very excited to enter the breakfast market trying hard to appeal to consumers who love their items like yourself but make no mistake, waffles, crunch wraps and Zina bun delights for breakfast are pure indulgence, not exactly the healthiest items of my concern is if you stat your day off with these splurge, what's next for lump and dinner? It's really important if you want to have these foods it's okay once in a while but balance them out with hefrtier options throughout the day. I wish you could have seen Lara's eyes wide for that story. The crunch wrap, I have to mention, it's basically a burrito and eggs and begin inside a tortilla and it has 14 grams of saturated fat. Do you know that's almost double the amount of saturated fat in a Hershey's chocolate bar. Wow. Yeah, so just to give you a comparison. Here for comparison sake we asked you -- your three healthy options in this marketplace. That's right. There are -- I want to say even taco bell. You can get scrambled eggs and Orange juice or a steak and egg burrito in the package. There are healthy options. You need to know which ones they are. McDonald's fruit and yogurt Garth parfait. 150 calorie, easy to grab, it's filling. Has a good dose of calcium and protein. So it's really a great option. Also just came out with their egg white delight mctoughen. Egg white, that's another nice option at McDonald's. Also here we have Starbucks, this is one of the best options out there. It's actually their spinach and feta breakfast wrap, egg whites, spinach, tomatoes, under 300 calories and rich in protein and fine ir. If you're on the run there are some decent options. Exactly. If you need to go to a fashion food -- Dunkin' donut, egg white veggie flatbread. I do like those. Great options out there and taco bell, do you think this will be a big success there? You know, consumers seem to be really excite the about it. You know, they're talking about it on social media. I think it's going to be a big hit but it's just important -- Keep in mind the calorie count. Calories matter. Your health Mears and just balance it out and also if you're on the go, take a fruit from home with you because that's a great way to balance out an otherwise unhealthy breakfast and it's rich in fiber, low in calories so it boosts the nutritional value of your meal. Brown bagging it. Lisa, thank you. Thanks, Lisa.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The new breakfast menu challenges the iconic Egg McMuffin with the Waffle Taco.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22678332","title":"Taco Bell Joins the Fast Food Breakfast Battle","url":"/GMA/video/taco-bell-joins-fast-food-breakfast-battle-22678332"}